Oskaloosa News Recap For December 3rd, 2020

Local News

Elvis Has Left The Building
‘Light The Night’ Starts A New Tradition At Mahaska Health
Young Ambassador Winners Announced!
Oskaloosa Police Department To Partner With Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division
COVID-19 Numbers Show Improvement
Couple With Oskaloosa Roots Making Their Mark In Nashville
Staff At Mahaska Health “We’re Doing Well”
COVID-19 In “Uncontrolled Community Spread” Within Mahaska County
City Council Eyes March Special Election
Supervisors Press Forward On Radio Project
Friends And Family Host Fundraiser For Scholarship
Little Hawkeye Conference COVID-19 Update
Oskaloosa City Facilities COVID-19 Update
YMCA Project Still Looking For Community Contributions
Oskaloosa Fire Chief Talks Fire Safety
Oskaloosa Main Street to Hold “Twinkling Twenties” Lighted Christmas Parade in Reverse

Local Sports

Indians Network
Statesmen Sports Network
Hargrove Garners First Weekly Honor
Team Effort Lifts Statesmen Over Graceland
Huge Second Quarter Pushes WPU Past Graceland
Deviska Collects First-Team Recognition, Two Others on Third Team

Oskaloosa News Links

Radar and Road Conditions
Local Traffic Cameras

National and World News

Stock indexes changed very little on Wednesday as the Dow added 59 points, the S&P rose 6 points and the Nasdaq slid 5 points. The S&P 500 achieved a new record-high close at 3669 points.

Jobs data for November was released by ADP and it missed expectations. Private sector jobs were expected to grow by 440,000 yet only added 307,000.

Salesforce.com tumbled 8.5 percent on Wednesday. This came after the company announced a 27.7 billion dollar acquisition of Slack Technologies. Although salesforce.com has been on very stable footing lately with both revenue and profit, investors may think the price paid was a bit steep.


Molly Everette Gibson is breaking records at only 5-weeks-old.

According to researchers at the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library, the infant, born from an embryo that was frozen in October 1992, is the “longest-frozen embryo known to result in a live birth.”

Her birth broke the previous record held by her sister Emma Wren, who spent 24 years on ice before being born in November 2017.

The embryos were frozen together and are full genetic siblings. They were thawed and implanted nearly three years apart at the National Embryo Donation Center.


Dozens of dragon-like sea creatures washed up on a beach in South Africa last week.

The UK Sun reports that a local woman stumbled across the creatures, which she described as a cross between “a lizard, an octopus and a bird.”

The Blue Sea Dragons feed on deadly Portuguese man o’ war and other venomous aquatic critters then process their cells to zap predators with an even stronger sting, which can cause nausea, pain and vomiting, according to officials.


The world’s deepest pool, located in Mszczonow, Poland, is now open.

The pool, which has a section that reaches 147 feet deep, beats the Y-40 diving pool in the Italian town of Montegrotte Terme, which has a maximum depth of 137 feet.

The pool is intended for people practicing sports, so it is allowed to remain open despite current COVID restrictions in Poland.

WORTH NOTING: It won’t hold the record long as a pool currently under construction in Colchester, England, with a maximum depth of 164 feet, is due to unseat it.


Fossils of the apex predators known as megalodons have been discovered all over the world.

New research, published in Biology Letters, states that five nurseries — containing both adult and juvenile fossils — have been found in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific basins, with fossils ranging from 16 million to 3 million years ago.

The findings suggest that nurseries were prevalent for megalodons, feeding and protecting young members of the species, just as they are for modern sharks.

As for what led to the shark’s demise, many theories have been thrown around including:

Being outmaneuvered and outdone by their smaller, more agile cousin, the great white.
Killed off by an exploding star approximately 2.6 million years ago.
Being Unable to regulate its body temperature as ocean temperatures cooled during the Pliocene era.


The CDC is reducing the number of days individuals need to quarantine after being exposed to coronavirus.

The new guidelines recommend that someone who has been exposed or had close contact with the virus should quarantine for seven to 10 days, which is less than the originally recommended 14 days.

The individual can end their quarantine after seven days with a negative COVID-19 test, or 10 days without a test.


A new trend is sweeping homes across America.

Cottagecore is a “revival of traditional ideals and glorification of a simple yet charming cottage lifestyle,” according to trend expert Amanda Brennan.

Those embracing the new aesthetic are sharing their home décor ideas on Tumblr. Many of the posts feature farm-house inspired holiday decorations, homestyle recipes, warm winter décor and knitting.

Here are some ideas that fit the “cottagecore” theme:

Gather a stack of blank cards, markers and essential oils and make aromatherapy cards.
Clear glass or acrylic ball ornaments can be jazzed up with a coating of Mod Podge and a dip in a bowl of snowy glitter.
Use a glue gun to seal seams on cut-out felt mittens, trees or stars, then stuff the open end with a gift card or small treat.


The UK is the first nation to grant emergency-use authorization for a COVID vaccine.

The shot developed by Pfizer Inc. of the US. and BioNTech SE of Germany has been cleared to be distributed in limited numbers within days.

The two-shot vaccine is also being reviewed by the FDA in the US, where a similar authorization could come later this month and a rollout before the end of the year.


Officers busted a massive party at a Long Island mansion early Monday morning.

Cops responded to the 10-acre mansion shortly after midnight where they found around 400 people gathered. The party was immediately shut down as it violated the state’s mandate of limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people.

The owner of the home was not present as they rented the mansion to the host of the party on Airbnb, according to Suffolk County police.


Nevada was hit with its largest earthquake since the 1950s on Tuesday.

According to the United States Geological Survey, the 5.1 magnitude quake occurred near Mina, a town of about 155 people. (Yes, only 155, according to the 2010 census.)

Several tremors – ranging from 2.5 to 2.6 magnitude – followed.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer indicated Wednesday they can get behind a nearly $1 trillion-dollar financial relief package.

They’ve been pursuing stimulus nearly twice that amount, and negotiations in the weeks leading up to the election went nowhere. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been lukewarm about any funding over the $500 billion-or-so bills he’s taken to a vote on the Senate floor.

McConnell indicated aid would be tied to a government funding bill that needs to be passed by December 11.


Tube Talk

Here’s what’s new on TV tonight:

• Young Sheldon / CBS / 7:00 pm
• Station 19 / ABC / 7:00 pm
• The Voice Holiday Celebration / NBC / 7:00 pm
• B Positive / CBS / 7:30 pm
• Mom / CBS / 8:00 pm
• Grey’s Anatomy / ABC / 8:00 pm
• Law & Order: Special Victims Unit / NBC / 8:00 pm
• The Unicorn / CBS / 8:30 pm
• Star Trek: Discovery / CBS / 9:00 pm
• A Million Little Things / ABC / 9:00 pm
• Dateline NBC / NBC / 9:00 pm


Showbiz News

Britney Spears dropped a new track yesterday, just in time for her 39th birthday. The track quickly rocketed to the number two spot on iTunes.

“Swimming in the Stars” was originally recorded for her 2016 album “Glory,” but it didn’t make the cut. A vinyl re-release of the whole album, plus previously unreleased tracks and album art, is expected to hit stores on Friday.


Armie Hammer will star as “The Godfather” producer Al Ruddy in the limited event series “The Offer.”

The show is based on Ruddy’s never before revealed experiences of making the iconic film, starring Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton.

The 10-episode series will air on ViacomCBS’ subscription video on demand service.


Jake Tapper has landed the first joint interview with President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris since the election.

The interview will air on CNN’s “The Lead” and “The Situation Room” today. It will also be shown in an hourlong primetime special this evening.


Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant will feature a burger that costs $106.

The famous chef is launching the new eatery inside the famed Harrods department store in London this weekend.

Also, that cost doesn’t include fries, those must be ordered separate.


Alex Pettyfer will direct and star in action-thriller “Phantom Of Belgrade.”

According to Deadline, the screenplay is based on the true story of what occurred while former Yugoslavian president Tito was on an official visit to Cuba in 1979. During his visit a citizen of Belgrade stole a white Porsche and for ten straight evenings drove around the city forcing the police on a wild goose chase in the early hours. Thousands of people are said to have hit the streets every night to support the gesture which became seen as a political statement against the government.

Oliver Masucci will also have a role in the film.


Elliot Page will continue to play the role of Vanya Hargreeves in “The Umbrella Academy,” after coming out as gender non-binary transgender this week.

Variety reports that there are no plans to change Vanya’s gender in the series.


B.B. KING‘s estate is giving a “big thumbs up” to Drake and Lil Wayne’s new collab “B.B. King Freestyle.”

The song, featured on Wayne’s new “No Ceilings 3” mixtape has already garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

Not only does Vassal Benford – chairman of the estate – approve, he wants to invite the performers to work with them on a hip-hop album to be released by Universal Music Group alongside the biopic, which is set to begin production in 2021.


“The Undoing” is continuing to break records.

The HBO series, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, has proven to be a success for Comcast’s UK network Sky Atlantic. Viewership for the premiere episode hit 2.8 million, marking a bigger launch than “Game of Thrones” in 2011.

Based on early numbers, the series is on track to become the biggest US series to ever launch on Sky Atlantic – besting “Watchmen,” “True Detective” and “Big Little Lies.”


Mary L. Trump has sold a follow-up book to her debut best-seller, “Too Much and Never Enough.”

The new book, which will once again slam her uncle, President Donald Trump, will be called “The Reckoning.”

It will hit shelves in July 2021.


Warner Bros has purchased the worldwide rights to the romantic-comedy flick, “Lockdown.”

Directed by Doug Liman, the movie will star Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Ben Stiller, Ben Kingsley, Mindy Kaling and Dulé Hill.

While little is known about the plot, Deadline reports that it was filmed in London during the coronavirus crisis, which plays into the storyline.



For the second time since 1949, two NFL teams faced off in a Wednesday afternoon game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens 19-14.

The Steelers remain undefeated at 11-0, while the Ravens now sit at 6-5.


Day of the Year

International Day of Persons with Disabilities
International Spirit of the Game Day
Let’s Hug Day
National Apple Pie Day
National Green Bean Casserole Day
Make a Gift Day
National-Roof-Over-Your-Head Day
World Trick Shot Day


On This Date

1818 – Illinois officially becomes a state.

At first, the population was concentrated in the south, where wood was abundant for construction and soil was fertile for farming.

By 1840, Chicago would become a prosperous city.


1910 – Neon lighting is first presented at the Paris Motor Show.

The physicist Georges Claude developed the invention, passing electric current through inert gas in a vacuum tube.

More than 150 color variations are possible using different combinations of gasses.


1967 – The first human heart transplant is successfully completed, though the success was short-lived.

Lewis Washkansky received the heart of a 25-year-old donor who died in a car accident.

The procedure occurred in Cape Town, South Africa. The technique had been proposed in the 1950s by American doctors, and though it had been tested on animals, it had not previously been done on a human.

Washkansky died 18 years later from a weak immune system. However, the heart was fully functional until he died. The cause of death was ruled pneumonia.

The basics of the surgery are still used in transplants today, and research has improved the drugs patients can take to boost their immune systems and prevent rejection of the new organ.


1979 – In Kenosha, the last Pacer is completed at the American Motors Corporation plant.

It was a hit when it first arrived four years earlier, but enthusiasm for it quickly fizzled. By some standards it’s considered one of the worst cars of all time.


1989 – President Bush and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev issue separate statements following a summit in Malta that suggest the Cold War is coming to an official close.

Following the years of work from Reagan, it was up to Bush to seal the deal. The president credited freedom reforms across the Soviet Empire with bringing the two nations closer together.


2016 – The U.S. Army decides it will not allow an oil pipeline to be built in North Dakota.

After months of protests by The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, newly elected President Trump signed a presidential memorandum to advance the construction of the pipeline.

The executive orders would create more jobs which is something Trump and his administration felt was essential and important.

Two months later, the protestors would leave the camp and the protest site was closed.

Construction of the pipeline was completed in April 2017.



Lil Baby – rapper – 26
Amanda Seyfried – movie actress, “Mean Girls”, “Mamma Mia!” – 35
Andy Grammer – R&B singer – 37
David Villa – soccer player – 39
Anna Chlumsky – movie actress, “My Girl”, “Veep” – 40
Jenna Dewan – movie actress, “Step Up”, “The Resident” – 40
Trina – rapper – 46
Vernon White – retired American MMA fighter – 49
Paul Byrd – former MLB pitcher – 50
Brendan Fraser – movie actor, “The Mummy”, “George of the Jungle” – 52
Julianne Moore – movie actress, “Hannibal”, “Boogie Nights” – 60
Ozzy Osbourne – metal singer & bat eater- 72

Born On This Date

Heather Menzies-Urich – Canadian actress, “The Sound of Music”, “Piranha” – 1949 (d. 2017)
Andy Williams – pop singer – 1927 (d. 2012)
Tom Fears – American HOF defensive end & coach – 1923 (d. 2000)
George McClellan – American Major General – 1826 (d. 1885)



Pat Patterson has died.

The WWE legend and first openly gay wrestling star passed away Tuesday. No details surrounding his death were shared.

He was 79.


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