Supervisors Move To Have Roof Further Evaluated

damaged roof

Damaged roof tiles on the Mahaska County Courthouse.

Oskaloosa, Iowa – The Mahaska County Board of Supervisors called a special meeting for Monday to discuss what options were available for facilitating repairs to the Mahaska County Courthouse.

Mahaska County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mike Vander Molen said that the final roof report was submitted.

The contractor said that if the current roof can be modified to withstand high winds, the cost could be upwards of $95,000. This would include new fasteners for the roof system.

“If the current tile can’t be made safe, to withstand the wind forces and lift up forces, then he’s [contractor] got the other recommendations,” said Vander Molen.

“That’s going to be a pretty big cost savings if we can use what’s up there,” Vander Molen said of the current roof, if new fasteners are used. “He [contractor] said he doesn’t know for certain it can be made safe,” Vander Molen said.

Testing of new fasteners, along with other accommodations made to the current roof tile, would be to prevent the tile from blowing off the roof during windstorm events. Vander Molen had expressed concern about tiles potentially causing injury and damage to nearby locations as a reason to search for a new roof system.

The contractor said they also need to investigate if the substrate is significant enough to hold the current roofing system.

Greg Gordy made a motion to allow the contractor the determine if the current roof and tiling system can be used or modified in a cost effective manner.

Vander Molen supported the motion by Gordy, but added, “In the case that it can’t be made safe, and doesn’t have enough hold down force, then we talk about what the alternatives would be.”

Utilizing what is currently on the roof and facilitating the repairs would be approximately 1/3 the cost of a new roof.

With winter quickly approaching, Doland asked what the time frame on the evaluation of the roof would be.

The Supervisors approved to have the roof evaluated, so as to utilize the current roof with the needed upgrades for safety.

The conversation turned to what types of roofing systems are available in the event the current roof system can’t be utilized, such as: Architectural Asphaltic Shingles that resemble clay tile shingles, Decra Panels , or a steel type of roofing system.

Gordy said he would rather wait to have further discussion on possible roofing products until the engineer has evaluated what is currently in place.

Vander Molen said that it may be necessary to have special meetings on the subject, because fall is approaching and the opportunity to have the roof repaired will close quickly before winter arrives. “We’re going to need to be pretty diligent.”



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