Supervisors Approve A New Deputy, Discuss SCRAA Action

Oskaloosa, Iowa – The Mahaska County Supervisors held their first meeting in July on Monday the 6th at 9 am.

In the payroll changes for the Mahaska County Sheriff two items were discussed, including the retirement of Mahaska County Deputy Doug McMillan, who will retire from the department in September.

Mahaska County Sheriff said he would like to hire McMillan’s replacement by July 25th to allow for cross-training and field training of the new deputy. The move would allow for little or no interruption to the patrol schedule.

The Board had a consensus that tentatively approved the hiring of a replacement deputy starting July 26th, 2020.

The Mahaska County Board of Supervisors heard from their SCRAA representative John Bandstra.

Bandstra talked about the most recent SCRAA meeting where Bandstra expressed concern over a resolution that would facilitate discussion between the Supervisors and SCRAA on the closure of 220th Street and how to facilitate traffic due to its closure.

Bandstra had made a motion supported by SCRAA member Sid Pinney to table the resolution until changes in the resolution language were made.

That motion to table the resolution failed on a 4-2 vote by the SCRAA Board, and they continued with their motion to change a single word.

WHEREAS, the Mahaska County Board of Supervisors approved Site A as the proposed location for the South Central Regional Airport in June of 2013, to WHEREAS, the Mahaska County Board of Supervisors acknowledged Site A as the proposed location for the South Central Regional Airport in June of 2013.

Bandstra told the Supervisors that he’d been asked by the SCRAA Executive Committee to work with the County on setting a date and location for the two groups to meet.

Mahaska County Supervisor Mark Groenendyk said he had concerns about the above resolution. He explained that he looked through the minutes of June 2013 minutes from the Board of Supervisors and didn’t find a motion about the regional airport.

Groenendyk said that in July of 2013, there was a letter regarding the airport. “I don’t believe the SCRAA Board can vote for the Supervisors.”

“I guess I don’t understand the reasoning of passing resolutions with inaccurate information or language. I guess that’s my concern,” added Groenendyk of the resolution.

Another concern discussed by Bandstra and Groenendyk surrounded the recording of properties, and the use of language in those recordings.

Groenendyk’s concern was language that eludes to the purchase being for the public “through an exercise of the power of eminent domain and declaration of value is not required.”

Groenendyk questioned the language, “I am curious to know who is the agency that sent notice for eminent domain authority and who held the public hearing for eminent domain purposes.”

During their meeting, the SCRAA attorney explained that the reason for the language is that eminent domain could have been used to purchase the property. She explained that this type of language is common, and the purchase price doesn’t have to be disclosed when purchased.

“So we’ve got an attorney that’s saying she is specifically putting misinformation in a document being recorded in the courthouse. And it’s inaccurate,” Groenendyk said. “To me, this is a complete violation of Iowa Code.”

“What’s the purpose of misinforming people deliberately? Said Groenendyk.

Groenendyk asked Bandstra, “Are they using the start of eminent domain as they go out and negotiate these prices?”

“I have been told by one land holder that that is a correct statement,” Bandsta said, clarifying he wasn’t there during the negotiation conversation. “I can’t say it’s accurate, but the landowner did tell me that.”

On the subject of working with the SCRAA Executive Committee, Groenendyk explained that he would like to speak with the county engineer if he’s gotten the information he’s already requested.

Also approved by the Supervisors:

  • Approval of the June bills.
  • Approval of business property tax credits for the fiscal year of 2020-2021.
  • Accept the 2019 audit for Central Iowa Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Approved the cancellation of outstanding disbursements for the fiscal year 2019.
  • Accepted the fourth-quarter reports from the Auditor and the Sheriff.
  • Set a public hearing for August 3rd, 2020, to sell property located at the intersection of 330th and 340th Street near Eddyville.
  • Approved the use of the courthouse parking lot for Sweet Corn Serenade on July 30th, 2020.
  • Approved the carpet replacement for the clerk of courts and magistrate courts office.
  • Approved a renewal with Carosh Compliance Solutions for HIPAA services for the fiscal year 2020-2021.
  • The Board heard from Mahaska County Attorney Andrew Ritland about the new fine collection system that started on July 1st.
  • Approved resolutions allowing operating transfers, appropriations for the fiscal year 2020-2021.
  • Approved 2020-2021 salaries.
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