Brad Zaun makes stop in Osky

Guy Vander Linden (left) and Brad Zaun (right) speak with an Oskaloosa Resident

US Congressional Candidate Brad Zaun made a stop at Smokey Row in Oskaloosa today. He greeted supporters and answered questions of those in attendance. Guy Vander Linden, candidate for Iowa House seat 75 and State Senator and Lt Governor candidate Kim Reynolds were also on hand.

Some of us had and opportunity to sit down with 2 of the candidates, Brad Zaun and Kim Reynolds for some Q and A time.

I asked Brad about his belief’s on repealing the health care law, and as he stated it’s not really realistic to repeal currently and look at de-funding. With 147 new agencies that are going to be created through this, and their still trying figure out this health care bill.  Brad went on to say he thought it was good that the President and Congress recognized that we have problems with health care, but the way they went around it with the end result of taking 500 billion dollars out of medicare really hurt seniors. Brad spoke of how he would work with others on writing and finding true fixes for health care. Then in 2012 if there is a change in presidency, then ultimately you need to repeal it.

With the new Contract with America that was introduced by the Republican’s had not yet been reviewed by Zaun at this point because of schedule conflicts and was not able to participate with House Minority Leader John Boehner. He said he had a copy of the plan and was going to be reviewing it. He said that he believes in making commitments as a public servant so the people know that if they vote for him, this is what he will do if elected. And if you make a commitment, you follow through with it.

Boswell staffer video records Brad Zaun while he's speaking with an Oskaloosa resident

Lt Governor candidate Kim Reynolds added that Republicans need to have a vision, a goal and that you just can’t be the part of no. You have to let people know that you don’t agree with what is going on now, or the taxing, and spending and borrowing and that look, we have a solution. It lets people know that we have a plan, we have goals and objectives.

I asked Zaun about his thoughts on cap n trade. It would be devastating to agriculture. If you look at what it would do to the average Iowan’s utility bill with estimates that it could raise it by 50%. There would be so much bureaucracy such as a gas tractor versus a diesel tractor and the emissions that each one. He supports taking care of the environment, but can’t state enough how much he could not support cap n trade.

Kim Reynolds added that as she has traveled the state it’s just one more example of why small business and entrepreneur’s have no confidence in not only state government but also federal and it’s one of the reason why they are sitting on capital and not reinvesting it back into our economy, and into our state and into our communities and the workforce. So if they don’t know what’s going to hit them next that will have a tremendous impact on creating jobs. The impact on family’s when there are 114,000 Iowan’s unemployed.

Brad Zaun mentioned how he co-sponsored a bill in Iowa to give the people an opportunity to vote on the issue of gay marriage. He believes that the Iowa Supreme Court stepped over the line in regard to the balance of powers. He stated his personal belief is that marriage is between one man and one woman. Kim Reynolds co-sponsored that bill as well and believes that people should have the right to vote on the issue.

Brad Zaun (R) is facing off against incumbent Leonard Boswell for the 3rd Congressional District of Iowa. Guy Vander Linden (R) is running against incumbent Eric Palmer (D) for Iowa House District 75.

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