Running, Jumping & Zig Zagging Their Way Through The Southern Iowa Fair

The 4-H and FFA dog show was held on Saturday, July 12th at the Southern Iowa Fairgrounds. The exhibitors worked hard to get their dogs in tip top shape for the show. Prizes and ribbons are as follows (P-Purple, B-Blue, R-Red):

Pre Novice:
Ethan Davis with Dozer – B-1, Class Runner-Up
Lyman Marshall with Buddy – R-1
Makenzie Miller with Marley – B-1
Olivia Ott with Duke – B-1, Class 3rd Place
Aby Thompson with Silas – B-1
Cutler Turner with Beau – P-1, Class Winner
Jovi VanderBeek with Fred – R-1

Sub Novice:
Sandra Blom with Ellie – B-1
Mariah Boender with Samantha – P-1, Class 3rd Place
Sarah DeGroot with Copper – B-1
Sarah DeGroot with Daisy – P-1, Class Runner-Up
Trisha VanDonselaar with Belle – B-1
Sophie VanderMolen with Walton – P-1, Class Winner
Leah Wilcox with Tucker – B-1

Novice (3rd Year Dog):
Rachel Adams with Luna – B-1, Class 3rd Place
Ki Boender with Oreo – B-1, Class Runner-Up
Stone Turner with Shadow – B-1, Class Winner

Graduate Novice (4th Year Dog):
Rachel Adams with Gracie – R-1
Lexi DeJong with Daisy – B-1 , Class 3rd Place
Sienna DeJong with Sami – B-1
Brittany DeMoney with Angel – B-1
Lydia Denniston with Pebbles – R-1
Abbie Nunnikhoven with Stuart – R-1
Emily VanDonselaar with Peanut – B-1, Class Runner-Up
Briana VerSteegh with Peanut – B-1, Class Winner

Agility Placings: All exhibitors received blue ribbons
Small Dog (1st year Small Dog):
Lyman Marshall with Buddy, Class Runner-Up
Jovi VanderBeek with Fred
Cutler Turner with Beau, Class Winner

Small Dog (2nd year & up Small Dog):
Sarah DeGroot with Copper
Brittany DeMoney with Angel
Lydia Denniston with Pebbles, Class Runner-Up
Abbie Nunnikhoven with Stuart
Stone Turner with Shadow, Class Winner

Large Dog (1st year Large Dog):
Ethan Davis with Dozer, Class Winner
Olivia Ott with Duke, Class Runner-Up
Aby Thonpson with Silas

Large Dog (2nd year & up Large Dog):
Rachel Adams with Luna
Sandra Blom with Ellie
Ki Boender with Oreo
Lexi DeJong with Daisy
Sienna DeJong with Sami, Class Winner
Sophie VanderMolen with Walton, Class Runner-Up
Leah Wilcox with Tucker

Off-Leash Agility (Small Dog):
Sarah DeGroot with Daisy
Emily VanDonselaar with Peanut, Class Winner
Briana VerSteegh with Peanut, Class Runner-Up

Off-Leash Agility (Large Dog):
Rachel Adams with Gracie, Class Runner-Up
Mariah Boender with Samantha, Class Winner
Trisha CanDonselaar with Belle

Clover Kids Obedience & Agility:
Nicole Davis with Bear – Participation
Kyle Davis with Tracker – Participation
Maeleigh Claver with Remington — Participation

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