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Nolanne Rust

Because what else could I possibly talk about this week other than Carson King and the positivity that he brought throughout not only Iowa but America too, over the last couple weeks?
I think there were many lessons to be learned from his journey to 3 million dollars #forthekids.

* When given more than you need, share your bounty and bless others. In any means possible. Carson didn’t have to donate, he chose to donate. There’s a big difference. And because he did, so many hearts and lives have been touched.

* Your opponent doesn’t have to be your enemy. Not in relationships, not in the workplace, not in sports. Carson never abandoned his Cyclone fan gear, but while wearing it, he also supported the University of Iowa in such an abundant way. We can cheer for opposing teams, vote for different officials, and have varied opinions on a whole array of subjects. And none of that means we can’t want good for those on “the other side” or that we can’t have a common goal.

* An ordinary person, can do such an extraordinary thing. I would have to guess that Carson was a pretty average 24-year-old in the eyes of society up through September 13th. But 1 choice to be the good brought him the courage and the support he needed to be called a legend by many. Just one choice to share in his good fortune.

* I saved this one for last because it is big to me. And that’s the fact that no matter what you have done in life- childhood, adulthood, or anywhere in between or beyond- you are valuable. You matter. You CAN change and you are capable of doing amazing things. A past doesn’t define you unless you let it. And such grace Carson displayed by owning and apologizing for his mistakes that were brought into question unnecessarily. Some of us wouldn’t require that much digging to find ours- but yet we still find it too easy to point fingers and cast stones. People can change. I’d be willing to bet that a very large majority of us have changed our mindsets since age 16. Beyond the negative aspect that was caused by what was meant to be shame, there was even a bigger pour out of positivity. People that didn’t know and will never meet Carson that decided to support him because they believed in him and the good he was doing. People that didn’t need to know his past or any explanation of his life in order to see the amount of good he was doing.

So many lessons through this. But more than the lessons- $3,000,000 for sick, injured and hurting children. And that is bigger than 1 person. Bigger than the shame. Bigger than the game. That…… is legendary.

We may not all be able to raise millions of dollars. But we can all make the choice to do good, to be good. It’s great to be an Iowan.

Choose kind. Spread love. Be a {Carson} King.

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