Loebsack Has Coffee And Conversation With Constituents

Verna Bolibaugh wanted to know why Republicans and Democrats don't work together to get things done.

Verna Bolibaugh wanted to know why Republicans and Democrats don’t work together to get things done.

Oskaloosa, Iowa – Iowa’s 2nd Congressional Representative Dave Loebsack was in Oskaloosa during the noon hour to meet with, and talk with constituents about what was on their minds.

Loebsack walked from table to table greeting many, ending up at the table of Verna Bolibaugh.

“When are the Republicans and the Democrats going to work the problems together?” Bolibaugh asked.

“Good question,” said Loebsack. “I don’t have a good answer for that.”

“You know, we elect you people, we pay your wage, you ought to learn to work together. If you were out in the public working, you’d be out of a job,” said Bolibaugh.

“You’re right,” said Loebsack. “And you can get me out every two years, as you know. In November you can get me out if you want.”

Loebsack said that it’s largely the leaders of both parties “who don’t have an interest in working together.”

“The leaders in both parties want to have the majority. They want to have the power. People like me, I’m not in leadership. I don’t want be,” added Loebsack.

Loebsack pointed towards a recent broadband bill he worked with Republicans on as an example of how he reaches across party lines to get things done for Iowans.

“A lot of the rank and file members actually work together on a fairly regular basis. No offense to the news media, if it bleeds it leads. If there’s a fight, that’s what is in the headlines. If they cooperate, you don’t get a lot of coverage,” said Loebsack.

Loebsack is the lone Democrat serving Iowa in Washington D.C. When asked if the rural portions of the party have difficulty working with the urban area representatives, Loebsack said, “People in my party do not have a clue, for the most part in Washington D.C., what’s happening in rural America. I’m one of the very few Democrats in the U.S. House that represent a rural area.”

For that reason, Loebsack says he wants to work across party lines, “The rural areas of America are mostly represented by Republicans in Congress. So yeah, I’ll work with anybody I can, that’s going to work with me and my district.”

Loebsack is up for reelection this year and is facing a challenge from Republican Chris Peters. Peters is facing a challenge from within the party from Ginny Caliguiri, who is staging a write-in campaign for the Republican nomination to take on Loebsack in November.



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