Kent Frankenfeld touts experience as reasons to vote for him

Kent Frankenfeld at a recent community forum

He wants to be your county treasurer. Kent Frankenfeld is running to be your county treasurer. Frankenfeld is currently employed by Cargil as a Production Technician but also has 30 years of banking under his belt including several years as upper management of a small local bank. I had the opportunity to sit down with county treasurer candidate Kent Frankenfeldt tonight. Frankenfeld answered several different questions on his candidacy and what he will do if elected

What made you want to run for County Treasurer?

The Timing seemed to be right. My qualifications I think lend themselves to a position in the office. The political scope and landscape appeared good. In addition,  I was encouraged by an individual I greatly respect to consider a run for the position of Treasurer.

What qualifications/skills do you bring to the office?

30 years of business experience in banking and as a financial adviser and I think all of those lead to the capabilities that are important that help provide a public serivce.

If elected, are there any changes you will make to the treasurer’s office?

Yes. I want to review the current hours of operation and our staff and look at how to redeploy the staff, with me included, with the capability of looking at extended ours. I would look at maybe being open until 7 pm if we can on Thursday nights. We should definatley be open on Saturdays. Coming from a banking environment, we are open from 9 till noon on Saturdays and I don’t understand why we can’t open these opportunities for the taxpayers to be able to come in and do business other than the noon hour.

Is there any difference in a Republican County Treasurer compared to a Democrat Treasurer?

Probably not. I think we all have the same objective. The differences just might be our backgrounds and our experiences. Outside of the courthouse but that’s not political.

How would you incorporate technology into the treasurer’s office?

I think we need to explore it and by technology we are looking at better utilization of computerization. I think there might be some possibilities of looking at some online possibilities where the consumer or taxpayer can come in and do a lot of there business through the internet. I want to explore the other counties who have done this to see what the cost benefit ratio is. When you talk technology, many people think that you are going to eliminate staff. Again from my experience from the banking world, ATMs were created to replace all the tellers and that didn’t happen.

What kind of financial safeguards will you incorporate if elected?

I know that the county goes through an annual review of an audit procedure. I would have to look at that to see what has been recommended for safeguards. Duel Control is something that is continuously enforced in the banking environment and I would expect those kinds of controls to be in place with the taxpayers.

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