GOP Candidates Work To Separate Themselves

Former Senator Rick Santorum spoke at the Iowa GOP Growth and Opportunity forum on Saturday.

Former Senator Rick Santorum spoke at the Iowa GOP Growth and Opportunity forum on Saturday.

Des Moines- 10 Republican candidates for President spoke to a packed house for the 1st annual Iowa GOP’s Growth and Opportunity Party Saturday. Candidates each had roughly 15 minutes to make their case to the nearly 2,000 persons in attendance.

Rand Paul- Senator Paul began his talk by speaking about about excessive spending. “We have the power to stop it,” Paul said. He said that all spending expires at the end of the year. In regards to funding for Planned Parenthood, Paul suggested that Congress let Planned Parenthood funding expire and let proponents of the funding restart it. Paul also spoke of the general election. He believes that if republicans want to win the presidency, they have to figure out who can dominate in the primary and win the general election. “If we want to win again, we need to broaden our horizons.” Paul also touted his tax plan. “I have a tax plan that would wipe out all 70,000 pages of the tax code and the IRS,” Paul said. His plan would include one single rate for individuals and one single rate for businesses. Paul also suggested that the Republican Party needs to become the party of the bill of rights.

Ted Cruz- Senator Cruz began his talk by commenting on the CNBC debate. “How about we stop letting left wing liberals moderate republican debates,” Cruz said. He said he was disappointed that topics such as Obamacare, Common Care, and the waterways rule were not discussed. Cruz also talked about his recently revealed tax plan. He said it is a simple flat tax. According to Cruz, for a family of four, the first $36,000 of income is not taxed. Above that, a simple tax of ten percent is enforced. Everyone over $36,000 would pay the exact same amount. “It’s simple and it’s fair,” Cruz said. He also said his plan eliminates the pay roll tax, alternative minimum tax, corporate income tax, and Obamacare tax. It also creates a simple buinsess flat tax of 16 percent. “Every business from a mom and pop to a corporate giant pays the same,” Cruz said. Cruz also took time to talk about religious liberty. He pointed out numerous issues he spearheaded and won regarding religious liberty, and he encouraged attendees to look at the records of other candidates regarding religious liberty.

Chris Christie- Governor Chris Christie made town hall style remarks. “We need to unite behind our men and women in uniform.” When asked what he is going to do for the millenial generation, Christie joked “I want you to move out of my house!” Christie said he will help create jobs for the millenial generation. When asked what his jobs plan is, Christie said, “It’s not what Hillary Clinton wants to be and decide which industry is growing and expanding.” Christie said he will lower the coroporate tax rate and stop government regulation. “Get the government out of our pockets and off our backs!” Christie also said he will support the implementation of the renewable fuel standard. “I will implement the RFS.” He said he has supported the RFS unequivocally.

Bobby Jindal- Governor Jindal began his remarks saying, “This is the most important election of our lifetime.” He also said that “the idea of America is slipping away”. Jindal expressed outrage at Congressional Republicans. He said he is now madder at congressional republicans than democrats. Jindal said republicans have not worked towards what they campaigned on last in 2014. He said, “They’ve already waved the white flag of surrender.” Jindal added, “It is time to fire everyone in DC.” He said that it’s time for term limits to be implemented “otherwise we won’t get real change”, and that congress must live by the laws they pass.

Lindsay Graham- Graham pledged to destroy ISIS if he is elected President. Graham said he will work to destroy radical islam. He also said that he would do away with the Iranian nuclear deal. He pledged to raise the retirement age, and said that doing so would help save social security.

Mike Huckabee- Former governor Mike Huckabee advocated for the nation to turn to spiritual roots, or it cannot expect the blessing of God. Huckabee said that policies such as abortion and gay marriage should be reversed. He indicated that he would act as a “spiritual leader” for the US. Huckabee also pledged that, if he is elected President, he would work to find cures for diseases such as Cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Marco Rubio- Coming off of his widely perceived win in the CNBC debate, Senator Rubio indicated that it was time to “save the American dream”. Rubio advocated for less government regulation, saying less government regulation will boost the economy. Rubio also advocated for, what he called, a generational change in leadership and the removal of “outdated” leaders from office. He said doing so would help save the American dream.

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