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It was hard to sit down on election night watching the results come in on the TV. I was obviously disappointed in the results for the Presidency. No, Mitt Romney was not my first, second, third, or even fourth choice, but I believe that Mitt Romney was a phenomenal candidate. He was willing to stand up to the President and call him out on his lies and record. He had a strong ground game, and support base. So, I will not spend my time bashing our former nominee. I would like to thank Governor Romney for throwing his hat into the ring, and wanting to rebuild to the America economy.

As I have stated in past articles, I believe President Obama will hurt America’s strength. His economic policies have done nothing but make things worse. His agenda on dismantling the 2nd amendment and his failure on foreign policy has unraveled as we learn new pieces of information everyday about what happened in Libya. The man shows no leadership at all on the issues. He plays a campaign strategy of mudslinging and hoping that something sticks. It’s everybody’s fault accept for his. After calling President Bush unpatriotic for adding six trillion dollars to the national debt after 8 years, he goes out and adds six trillion dollars in 3 and a half years, but blames it on others. Unemployment rate is higher than when he took office, but thinks it is because government isn’t involved enough. Says he wants to make America stronger militarily but supports his democrat allies in cuts to the military budget. The truth is President Obama does not understand the economy, and after 3 and a half years he is still on the job training.

But now that this election is over it is no surprise the liberal media is trying to force the Republican Party to shift its stances on the issues. Blaming the reason why we lost is because of our stance on illegal immigration, abortion, gay marriage, and taxes. The reason why we lost the presidential race is not because of where we stand, but our organization on getting our message across. Except for 2010, about every election the Republicans let them democrats shift the conversation, and allow them to twist the truth. We allow them to lie and attack us as we sit back and let it happen. In 2014 we cannot allow this again. Republicans need to learn to get out in front, to not let the other side do so.

So if you have been buying into the media bias, and think we need to ponder to a certain group or shift our stances I will tell you this. Don’t retreat, just reload.


Austin Harris
Political Advocate

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