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Saluting heroes, helpers and Iowans hunkering down

by Sen. Chuck Grassley Iowans of all ages are coping with the disruption affecting life events, from weddings, funerals and graduations to sports seasons and birthday celebrations. By Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa Countless lessons await medical scholars, political scientists, economists and students of history when future generations look back at the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 […]

Letter To The Editor: In Response To Comments

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Editors Note: The views and opinions expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views or opinions of Oskaloosa News. Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in response to comments made by Oskaloosa School Board Member Lynette Stream in your article Summer Lunch Program Continues in the April 2, 2020 edition. I directed the […]

Let Americans unwrap savings on prescription medicine

By Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lisa Murkowski These days it’s seems there’s scant agreement about much of anything in Washington. However, outside of the nation’s capital, Americans share full-throated agreement on an issue that really matters: the sky rocketing prices they pay for prescription medicine. From all across the nation, inexplicable price spikes for prescription […]

Let’s break silence and talk about mental health on the farm

By Sen. Chuck Grassley As this year nears its end, the Grassley family is grateful for another fall harvest. Like other family farms across Iowa, our three-generation farming operation experiences many of the uncertainties blanketing our profession. For starters, our livelihoods are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Getting the crops out of the ground […]

The Pentagon’s Autopilot Budget Is Wasting Too Many Tax Dollars

By Sen. Chuck Grassley During this season of Thanksgiving, Americans gather with friends and family to count our blessings. Blessed to live in the land of the free and home of the brave, we give thanks to the courageous sons and daughters who put their lives on the line to secure freedom and liberty from […]

Nolie’s Nook – Choose kind. Spread love. Be a {Carson} King

Because what else could I possibly talk about this week other than Carson King and the positivity that he brought throughout not only Iowa but America too, over the last couple weeks? I think there were many lessons to be learned from his journey to 3 million dollars #forthekids. * When given more than you […]

Nolie’s Nook – We Can Still Decide To Be A Cheerleader, An Encourager

Tonight I attended our home XC meet to watch my bonus boy run (not to brag, but he got 14th out of around 170- Go Chase!). Anyway, if you haven’t been to a cross country meet- I encourage you to try to make it. I admit, I don’t particularly care to watch just running, and […]

Letter To The Editor: Americans Were Able To Talk About Topics

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Editors Note: The views and opinions expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views or opinions of Oskaloosa News. Something has been weighing on my mind lately. This is a lengthy commentary on what is bothering me and is based on a conversation I saw here where someone was saying that just because they […]

Nolie’s Nook – Bloom Where You’re Planted

I attended middle school open house in Oskaloosa the other night. I’d like to lie and say I don’t have a middle schooler….. but I guess I really do. I am and always have been a firm believer in “bloom where you’re planted”, “supporting the home team”, and other phrases like that which ultimately tell […]

Nolie’s Nook – Back To School Is Quickly Approaching

Back to school is quickly approaching for my big kids and so many others in our area. This year, I send my “babies” off to middle school (for the first time) and the other’s last year of elementary! I don’t know where time has gone but I know I’m not yet ready for summer break […]


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