A Last Word With Mark Doland

Mark Doland (R)

Mark Doland (R)

Oskaloosa, Iowa – Mark Doland may not be well known to most Mahaska County residents, but he’s left his mark in the political scene by serving for previous candidates Bob Vander Plaats and Michele Bachman and now the Iowa Republican Party.

Doland told me that his plans, if elected to the position of Mahaska County Supervisor, are, “to continue to fund the necessary services that we have. Hold the line on taxes and spending. We’re going to look at what ways we can make government more efficient.”

During this short campaign, Doland has taken up the issue of the regional airport and the rights of property owners as the central part of his campaign. I asked him if he believed that this campaign would turn into a referendum on a single issue.

“No I didn’t, but it has and because of that, because of the way the issue has risen to the top, I think it’s probably the most important issue. I believe it is this way because I have taken a stand for private property owners and I’ll continue to do so if elected.” Doland said.

Doland picked up the endorsement of prominent Iowa politician Bob Vander Plaats. In a released statement, Vander Plaats said, “Typically I don’t get involved in local races. However, Mark Doland is a strong voice for issues that I stand for, so I am glad to stand with Mark Doland as he asks for your vote for Mahaska County Supervisor.”

I wanted to know how that endorsement has been important for his campaign. “Bob Vander Plaats… his endorsement, I believe, lent me credibility to people who are values voters, who might not know the name Mark Doland before. So I believe the endorsement from Bob Vander Plaats resonated with values voters.”

On Friday, Doland was handed a shock, of sorts, when fellow Republican, and newly elected state senator, Ken Rozenboom endorsed Doland’s competitor,  Democrat Tom Rielly. Rozenboom’s departure to the senate is the reason for the special election for the open supervisor’s seat.  I asked him how it impacted his campaign.

“I consider what Ken did today to be a civil right of any American. If they want to vote for whoever they want to vote for, they are free to do so. I don’t know that an endorsement makes a big difference in who wins the election and how people vote. Not a lot of people go to [inaudible] one particular individual. I’ve never personally made my decision on how to vote on a particular candidate based upon what one individual says. However, I think that it shows that the issue of the airport has become a referendum. This issue in this election kind of separates where people are. I know where Ken was privately, but what he’s done publicly here today just confirms my suspicions.”

I asked Doland if he believes there will be problems coming from this?

“I just believe it shows more of a disconnect between the grassroots, the party people and the people when they get elected sometimes will change course. I know that my position is stated specifically in the Republican Party of Iowa platform and I support that plank in the platform and Mr. Rozenboom has chosen to go against the party platform in this particular instance.”

In closing, Doland said, “I believe that the issues are very clear. This has become a referendum on the airport. If you line up with me in my stand for private property rights for land owners, I would ask for your vote.”



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