Question of the Week: Do you support the debt ceiling proposal?

The United States Capital Building seen from a block away

Oskaloosa, Iowa- Last week, we asked you who you believed was to blame for the debt ceiling crisis. 118 residents responded with 58 residents (49%) saying All of the Above, 25 residents (21%) saying Republicans, 23 Residents (19%) saying President Obama, and 12 residents (11%) saying Democrats. The Question of the Week Poll is unscientific and does not reflect the views of Osky News.

This week, we focus on the debt ceiling issue again. At the time of this article being written, President Obama has announced that he and Congressional Leaders have reached a deal to solve the nation’s debt ceiling crisis. Lawmakers are set to take up the issue tomorrow in each party’s respective caucus. The deal comes on the heels of another weekend meeting as the clock to August 2nd, the day the President says the United States will default if the debt ceiling is not raised, counts down. The deal calls for the reduction of $1 Trillion of the national debt to be reduced over the next 10 years. Other details of this plan were not immediately available.

Those who support this plan cite the Boehner plan and its’ similarities. They say that this new plan is essentially the Boehner Plan with just a few modifications and that it is a bipartisan comprise to a serious problem. Those who oppose the proposal say that it simply isn’t enough. They say that $1 Trillion is not enough to combat rising budgetary issues and that this is simply a band-aid for a serious problem.

Now it’s your turn to decide. Vote in our online poll. The poll will be open until 9 PM next week when we will close the poll and release the final voting numbers. If you have any  questions or comments, please visit us on our Facebook Page or e-mail us at

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