Iowa Powerball

Iowa Powerball

Initial estimates for Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot have been raised again, with the prize currently set at a world-record $1.5 billion annuity, $930 million cash option. And with strong sales in Iowa and across the country, it is possible that the final jackpot amount could be even higher than this latest estimate heading into the drawing.


Sales in Iowa in recent weeks have been extremely strong and continue to follow the jackpot up. Statewide lottery sales on Sunday and Monday of this week were about four times higher than they had been on each of those days the prior week.

To give some perspective to the sales figures, in fiscal year 2015, the Iowa Lottery sold a total of $52.2 million in Powerball tickets. Since the jackpot began its current run on Nov. 5, the lottery has sold nearly $25 million in Powerball tickets. That’s almost half a year’s sales in about two months.


Retailers obviously are busy selling Powerball tickets in the lead up to Wednesday’s drawing. Some stores are asking customers to form two lines – one for Powerball tickets and the other for all other business. Some stores are only selling easy-pick tickets, which are a faster transaction and can move customers through the line more quickly. The Iowa Lottery appreciates the hard work of all its retailers at this busy time and is supportive of their efforts to assist their customers and manage traffic flow within their locations.

Here are the Top 10 Iowa retailers for Powerball sales from Jan. 3-11:

PB Sales Name Address City
$34,937 Hy-Vee 20 Wilson Ave. Cedar Rapids
$32,330 Hy-Vee 1725 Jordan Creek Pkwy. West Des Moines
$31,919 Hy-Vee 5050 Edgewood Road Cedar Rapids
$31,697 Hy-Vee 1843 Johnson Ave. NW Cedar Rapids
$31,667 Big 10 Mart 999 Middle Road Bettendorf
$30,475 Hy-Vee 4605 Fleur Drive Des Moines
$29,685 Hy-Vee 2900 Devils Glen Road Bettendorf
$29,468 Hy-Vee 3600 Iowa Highway 151 Marion
$28,767 Hy-Vee 8701 Douglas Ave. Urbandale
$27,681 Hy-Vee 1745 Madison Ave. Council Bluffs


A 23-year-old Sioux City man is Iowa’s latest $1 million Powerball winner. On Monday, Joel Dominguez claimed the $1 million prize he had won with a ticket he purchased at a Sioux City Hy-Vee store for Saturday’s Powerball drawing.

Dominguez, a pipefitter for a construction company working on the large fertilizer plant being built south of Sioux City, said he’d always had a feeling that he would win a big lottery prize – and now he has.


Powerball’s current jackpot is the biggest lottery prize ever offered in the world that can be won with a single ticket.

It is extremely difficult to make comparisons between lottery games around the world, as game designs, sales periods and types of prizes vary greatly from country to country.

For example, Spain’s Christmas lottery, nicknamed “El Gordo,” or “the fat one,” distributed $2.4 billion in prizes last month, with the top prize of $811.2 million in that drawing split among 1,950 tickets. In 2011, the top prize in El Gordo was $960 million. But players buy tickets throughout an entire year for El Gordo, and prizes are split amongst a large number of tickets, so that no individual reaches the $100 million level. El Gordo’s top prize in 2011 was split among 1,800 tickets, giving winners $533,000 for their $26 ticket.

The Powerball jackpot can be won with a single ticket or split among multiple tickets, depending upon the outcome of the random drawing.


When the jackpot really gets up there like it is now, the Iowa Lottery does hear from folks who say that the jackpot should automatically be split up at some level, as the current amount is just too much for one person.

While the person making the comment may have that viewpoint, Powerball sales do not reflect that perspective. The higher the jackpot goes, the higher sales go. And the higher sales go, the higher the jackpot climbs. It appears that people are voting with their pocketbooks on this one…


With this being the first time that a jackpot that has topped the $1 billion mark, it is causing some minor complications in the field for the Iowa Lottery. For example, the lottery has lighted signs in many retail locations that display both the Powerball and Mega Millions® jackpot amounts. Those signs are only designed to display amounts in the millions of dollars, so until the Powerball jackpot is won, the amount displayed for that game will be $999 million.

In addition, the lottery also has a handful of billboards around the state that focus on just the Powerball jackpot. Like the lighted signs in retail locations, the billboards also are designed to only display amounts in the millions of dollars. They will continue to display a Powerball jackpot amount of $999 million until the jackpot is won and the game’s starting jackpot amount of $40 million would apply for the next drawing.


There appears to be an erroneous rumor underway that you will have better odds if you buy individual Powerball tickets. Some stores are seeing customers requesting large numbers of tickets with just one play on each ticket. Doing that does absolutely nothing to improve your odds of winning – not to mention you will hold up traffic in the store and needlessly run through a lot of paper.

The odds of winning in Powerball are the same for each play purchased in the game. The odds do not change with the number of tickets purchased or the type of plays made. Here in Iowa, players can buy up to 10 plays on each ticket.


The odds of winning the jackpot in Powerball are about 1 in 292.2 million because there are about 292.2 million ways you can combine the numbers in the game to make a play. By tracking sales, lottery officials can estimate how many of the possible combinations will be purchased for a particular drawing. The latest estimates are that about 86 percent of all the possible combinations will be purchased for Wednesday’s drawing.


Iowa Lottery players won a total of 161,390 prizes in Saturday’s Powerball jackpot drawing. The Iowa winners included four tickets that came within one number of having at least a share of the jackpot. The jackpot hub-bub led the Iowa Lottery to topple two long-standing sales records, both in terms of overall weekly sales and Powerball sales for the week.

One ticket purchased in Iowa matched the first five numbers but missed the Powerball to win a $1 million prize in Saturday night’s drawing. It was purchased at Hy-Vee, 3301 Gordon Drive in Sioux City. Three other Iowa tickets matched four of the first five numbers and the Powerball to each win a $50,000 prize. They were purchased at: Casey’s, 1987 Second St. in Coralville; Hy-Vee Gas, 1310 West Burlington in Fairfield; and Kum & Go, 3501 EP True Parkway in West Des Moines.

The winning numbers in Saturday’s Powerball jackpot drawing were: 16-19-32-34-57 and Powerball 13. The Power Play® number was 3. The jackpot that night was $947.9 million annuity, or $587.7 million cash option.

Iowa Lottery players bought more than $8.6 million in Powerball tickets for Saturday’s drawing, including more than $4.4 million in tickets on Saturday alone. During Saturday’s busiest stretch from about 5-6 p.m., Powerball tickets were selling at more than $7,900 per minute in Iowa. However, the average Iowa Powerball purchase on Saturday remained about $7, or 3 to 4 plays per ticket. Lottery officials were pleased that Iowans enjoyed playing at a fun level and didn’t go overboard.


The strong Powerball sales in recent days led to two new sales records for the Iowa Lottery. Total lottery sales in Iowa for the week that ended Saturday were $19.5 million. That far eclipsed the lottery’s previous weekly sales record of $13.2 million that had been set in February 2006. Powerball sales in Iowa for the week totaled $12.7 million, which also is a record. The previous weekly record for Powerball sales in Iowa was $9.4 million in August 2001.


With the jackpot continuing its historic run, the Iowa Lottery continues to urge the public to play responsibly. You’ve seen the lottery say this before, and we really mean it. It only takes one ticket to win. Have fun playing Powerball, but play within your means and don’t get in over your head. The fun of our games is that you can do a lot of dreaming for just a few dollars.

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