Letter To The Editor: Rozenboom Endorses Rielly For Supervisor

Ken Rozenboom talks with Jamey Robinson over Emergency Management funding issues

Ken Rozenboom

Editors Note: The views and opinions expressed in this editorial are not necessarily the views or opinions of Osky News.

I have been reluctant to publicly express my thoughts on the special election for Supervisor that will be held next Tuesday.  Due to recent developments I find it necessary to make the following comments:

Unfortunately, it’s apparent that this election has become a referendum on the proposed airport project.  Even more unfortunate is the misinformation and false rumors that are circulating about this project.  The airport project was formally put in motion early in 2012 by way of a joint 28E agreement between the cities of Pella and Oskaloosa, and Mahaska County.  The city councils of Pella and Oskaloosa, and the Mahaska County Board of supervisors all independently and unanimously voted to become partners in the project after seeking public comment. It’s important to note that at the Oskaloosa city council’s public hearing only two people spoke in opposition to the project.  At the Pella city council public hearing no one spoke in opposition, and at the Mahaska County Supervisor’s public hearing no one spoke in opposition to the airport project.  At all three public hearings, strong support was expressed by a number of people.

The 28E agreement created a six member Board to carry out the construction phase of the airport.  That Board has begun their work, and it has done so with full transparency.  Public notice has been properly given for all past meetings of the Board, and public notice will be given for all future meetings.

The special election next Tuesday is not about the airport.  It’s about who will fill the open County Supervisor seat.  The choice for voters is which candidate is most qualified to provide county government leadership.  It’s about which candidate has the business experience to make decisions on a multi-million dollar budget.  It’s about which candidate has the transportation experience to manage our road system.  It’s about which candidate has the knowledge and experience to deal with changing mental health issues.

The candidate who has is best qualified, and has extensive experience, is Tom Rielly.  Tom is a life-long resident of Mahaska County.  Tom has spent countless hours working as Oskaloosa’s mayor.  Tom has served as our State Senator for 8 years; some of that time Tom served as the chairman of the Senate Transportation committee.  Tom has run a successful business in Oskaloosa for 23 years. Tom’s qualifications are exceptional.

It’s no secret that Tom and I disagree on a number of political issues.  But those issues are not relevant to county government or to this election.  All who really know Tom know that he is a fair man, and he truly has the heart of a public servant.  I’m glad to support Tom Rielly in this election.  I urge all everyone to do the same.

Ken Rozenboom



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  1. […] notable because, newly-elected GOP Senator Ken Rozenboom who held the supervisor seat previously, publicly endorsed Mark’s Democrat opponent in the last days leading up to the election. Doland had initially intended to run against Rozenboom […]

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