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Facebook is for more than networking with friends these days. It’s a way of passing news, events or other community happenings. Some local people have found a niche recently on Facebook that seems to be helping others connect with buyers and sellers of extra items they may have around their homes.

Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade burst onto the local Facebook scene in the last few months, with those on the page selling everything from homes, to stoves, to baby toys or anything else they can think of.

The creators of the page choose to remain anonymous at this point, so I messaged them to see if they would be kind enough to answer a few questions.

I was curious as to what gave you the idea for Buy Sell Trade?

“I didn’t start the first Buy Sell Trade page. All the credit goes to a friend who started the very first page a couple months before Oskaloosa’s came along. Her idea stemmed mostly from wanting to help people out with an easy ad system-helping them not only buy some items for cheaper than they could usually find them elsewhere, but also to sell their unwanted items. So many people are going through rough times that this seemed like a great, easy, free way to help both the buyer AND seller!” said Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade

So then you have more than just the page for Oskaloosa then?

Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade stated, “Yes, as said previously, Centerville was the very first to sprout a page. From there, the two of us combined have started Albia, Davis County, Ottumwa, Oskaloosa, Omaha (NE), Harlan, and soon we will add Pella to the “sisterhood” as well.”

Is this something you do because you love doing it, but also, are you able to make any income from the work involved with doing this?

Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade, “I guess I would say I love doing it! There are days when there are tons of messages and friend requests and it is time consuming, but in the end the progress of the page and seeing how many people it has helped is far more rewarding. The “pro” of that far outweighs the “con” of spending and hour or so a day going through the page and weeding through the comments, messages, requests, etc.”

“As far as income, we get absolutely nothing from the page’s success. Each transaction is done through the individuals buying and selling the items-we don’t raise prices for personal profit or request payment for “ads” placed on our pages. It was started for the community and is purely meant to be a community asset that is helpful to as many people as possible!”

Is there more than just one of you?

“Yes, I am merely a “follower”. The girl that started the first page and I are the ones behind the above mentioned pages. There have also been a few others pop up in the area that aren’t reared by us. We more than support their quest for their own community, but in not knowing them or their goals, we don’t associate ourselves as a “sister” page.” Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade said.

Do you have any plans to take buy sell trade from the pages of facebook and moving it to a website or print?

“We haven’t really talked about a website for it, I think Craigslist is a more broad website for what we are doing. We have talked about maybe opening a small consignment shop based towards a couple special interests, but will also be keeping these pages up and running as long as they are beneficial!” they said of their current and future plans.

How do people find you, and your various sites?

Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade said, “We try to mention our other pages frequently so others have the opportunity to check them out as well. Other than that, we started by requesting our personal friends to the pages and having them suggest friends, word of mouth (or I guess word of facebook, in this case) has made the pages as big as they are today! We appreciate everyone’s involvement and so far have had a lot of positive attitudes towards our efforts!”

I will give you an opportunity to say what you want here to those reading this conversation, what else would you like to add?

“In addition, most of Oskaloosa Buy Sell Trade knows me as an anonymous source. This is to protect my private page, as well as to avoid any conflict. I feel that my involvement in the page is just to “overlook” the technical aspect. I try not to interfere with any transaction, and the transactions are purely between the individuals. Since we don’t make profit off of any of the sales, we really aren’t that involved. My friend isn’t anonymous on her starter page, and sometime soon we may come out with a “Meet the faces behind the Buy Sell Trade pages”. While trying to protect myself from any negative remarks or angry messages, I also don’t want to come off as rude or inconsiderate of the community……………so the time will come that people can see I am a real person, with a real family, and although not born and raised in the area-I’ve come to have a REAL love for Oskaloosa!” expressed Oskaloosa Buy Sell Trade

“Thank you to all those who have “friended” us in your search-whether it be to help yourself, help others, or just to browse-we appreciate your kindness and all of your input!”

I wanted to thank Oskaloosa Buy*Sell*Trade for taking the time to answer some questions. You can find them on Facebook HERE!/profile.php?id=100001773715527



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