Oskaloosa News Recap For October 13th, 2020

Local News

BLI Stronger Together At William Penn University

Oskaloosa’s New Fire Chief Jeff Swanson

Video Highlights Of Oskaloosa Vs. Newton Football

Exterior Building Hopes To Help During COVID-19

‘Light The Night’ To Honor Cancer Victims

Oskaloosa Main Street to Hold “Twinkling Twenties” Lighted Christmas Parade in Reverse

National and World News

Stocks rose sharply on Monday with the Dow Jones adding 250 points, the Nasdaq surged 296 points and the S&P climbed 57 points. All three indexes enjoyed their fourth straight session of gains.

Apple rose 6.4 percent during the day. Investors bought into the company ahead of Tuesday’s product release event in which the company is expected to announce new devices including the iPhone 12.

Oil slid nearly 3 percent as supply increased. US production came back online after hurricane activity caused temporary shutdowns. Norway saw a oil worker strike end releasing a glut of supply into the market.

Ford rose nearly 6 percent after it was upgraded from “hold” to “buy” by key analysts. The automaker is expected to beat earnings estimates for the third quarter.


Cancer diagnoses were down nearly 50% during the height of the coronavirus crisis, according to experts.

The cause for the drop is not because there are fewer cases, but because patients are delaying health screenings out of “fear of contracting the virus,” according to Dr. Susan K. Boolbol, chief of breast surgery and the breast program at Nuvance Health.

Boolbol cited a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which indicated that diagnoses for six types of cancer—breast, colorectal, lung, pancreatic, gastric and esophageal—dropped in March and April.

She also touched on the fact that everything non-COVID was essentially put on the back burner at many hospitals and clinics across the country, leaving patients to reschedule their annual exams.

Boolbol concluded, “COVID-19 will be with us for a while to come.
It is up to us to figure out how to feel safe and how to get back to our health care.”


A freight train plowed into a semi-truck that was stuck on the tracks in Indiana.

Officials report that firefighters were dispatched to a crash in Pendleton where a train was pushing the cab “a couple hundred yards” down the tracks.

Both the train and truck caught fire, but crews were able to quickly extinguish the flames.

The driver of the semi was out of the truck before it was hit and the train conductor was checked out by EMS and deemed okay.


Match.com reports that the coronavirus lockdowns didn’t stop people from getting frisky.

According to the dating site’s 10th annual Singles in America survey, a quarter of respondents in August said they looked no further than their own roommates for a little “pandemic hanky panky.”

Meanwhile, a large majority—71%–of the 5,000 surveyed said they didn’t have sex with anyone during the pandemic.

Another fun fact from the survey is that singles have become more politically oriented in terms of who they’re willing to date: 76% prioritize shared political beliefs and 59% want to know if their date supports the BLM movement.


A teen has been arrested in the shooting death of an Ohio State University student.

Officers said they found the victim Chase Meola, 23, in an alley next to the Phi Kanna Psi fraternity house early Sunday morning after responding to a reported shooting. The shooter Kinte Mitchell Jr, 18, was arrested a few blocks away and has been charged with Meola’s death.

Early reports indicate that the two got into an altercation outside of the frat house after being asked to leave. It is unclear why Mitchell was at the party as he is not a student at the University.


Significantly more people have applied for hunting licenses this year, likely due to a desire to get out of the house.

While outdoor activities are one of the few things approved these days, the increased interest in hunting has led to a potential shortage in hunting equipment.

Multiple states report that the increase in hunting permits is causing an ammunition shortage for many retailers. Many of whom were cleaned out during the early days of the COVID crisis and have been unable to keep up with the demand.

Tim Kinton of Kinton Guns in Farmington, NY told KXAN that while he has experienced a shortage when it comes to stocking guns and ammo, he doesn’t think it will have too much of an impact on hunting season, but also doesn’t expect the problem to go away anytime soon.


Health officials are urging everyone to get the flu shot this year in order to avoid potential overload of the country’s hospitals with influenza and COVID-related illnesses.

While the shot doesn’t guarantee full protection from the flu, it can reduce emergency room visits and hospitalizations, especially in kids.

According to a new study from the American Academy of Pediatrics, last year’s vaccine which was estimated to be between 40% and 60% effective, reduced pediatric ER visits by up to 51% and hospitalizations by 40%.

The AAP further stated that annual flu vaccination is the best protection against influenza and is recommended for all persons in the U.S. ages 6 months or older.


The private security guard involved in the deadly shooting at the “Patriot Rally” in Denver was reportedly “not properly licensed to work in the position.”

Matthew Robert Dolloff, 30, was working as a contracted security guard for a local news station at the time of the shooting. However, Denver’s Department of Excise and Licenses has “no record” of Dolloff being licensed to work a security gig.

As previously reported, Dolloff shot and killed a pro-police protestor after an altercation between the two. The victim has since been identified as Lee Keltner, a military veteran, grandfather and “avowed patriot,” according to his family.

Dolloff has been booked on first-degree murder charges.


Election officials in California want voters to stop sanitizing their mail-in ballots.

A handful of voters who live in Sacramento County reportedly dropped off “ruined ballots” because they had cleaned them with liquid sanitizer, according to the Sacramento County public information office.

Those who dropped off destroyed ballots were given new ones, while the ruined ones were *allegedly* marked invalid.


The WHO is urging leaders AGAINST lockdowns to stop coronavirus outbreaks after previously stating countries should be careful how quickly they reopen.

Dr. David Nabarro said “such restrictive measures” should only be used as a “last resort.” Adding that the WHO does not “advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus.”

Nabarro said extreme restrictions cause significant harm, particularly on the global economy and have “one consequence…making poor people an awful lot poorer.”

He and his colleagues instead suggest widespread testing and contract tracing.



Top 5 Songs on iTunes:
1. Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams” (Greatest Hits album)
2. AC/DC, “Shot in the Dark”
3. Fleetwood Mac, “Dreams” (Rumors album)
4. Lee Brice, “One of Them Girls”
5. Justin Bieber, “Holy” (feat. Chance the Rapper)



Margaret Nolan has died.

The actress, known for her role in the 1964 Bond flick “Goldfinger,” passed away on October 5, according to her son. A cause of death was not shared.

She was 76.


Roberta McCain has died.

She’s the mother of the late John McCain who died in 2018 at the age of 81 after a battle with cancer.

She was 108.


Joe Morgan has died.

The two-time National League MVP and Hall of Famer played a key role in the Cincinatti Reds’ Big Red Machine in the 1970s. At only five-feet seven-inches tall and only 160 pounds, he earned the nickname “Little Joe” — but still won five Golden Glove awards.

He later was a sports commentator for ESPN.

He was 77.


Tube Talk

Here’s what’s new on TV tonight:

• The Bachelorette / ABC / 7:00 pm
• Weakest Link / NBC / 7:00 pm
• Comos: Possible Worlds / FOX / 7:00 pm
• Ellen’s Game of Game / NBC / 8:00 pm
• neXt / FOX / 8:00 pm
• Celebrity Family Feud / ABC / 9:00 pm
• Transplant / NBC / 9:00 pm


Showbiz News

Disney’s theme park ride Space Mountain is getting its own movie!

The company is turning the ride into a live-action adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Space Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster in the dark that takes theme park guests through an intense ride through the cosmos.


Gal Gadot is joining forces with “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins once again for a biopic about Cleopatra.

Gadot, who will star as the Queen of Egypt, will also serve as a producer, according to Deadline.

She tweeted about the project on Sunday writing, “Cleopatra is a story I wanted to tell for a very long time. Can’t be more grateful about this A team!!”


The domestic box office hit a historic low this past weekend with the new film “The War With Grandpa” topping the charts with just $3.6 million.

The debut was the lowest in 32 years, since Sigourney Weaver’s “Gorillas In The Mist” topped the list with $3.45 million in September 1988.

The film, starring Robert De Niro, debuted in 2,250 theaters.


Don’t expect to see SHAQUILLE O’NEAL strutting his stuff on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The NBA icon recently told Us Weekly that he “wouldn’t be a contestant” on the dance competition show because he likes “being an innovator.” Adding that if it was season one, there is a chance he would do it, but just “can’t do it in season two” or beyond.

The ABC show is currently in its 29th season.


Apple TV+’s adaptation of Sarah Perry’s novel “The Essex Serpent” has been halted after Keira Knightley dropped out just weeks after being announced as the star of the series.

The actress’ rep told the Daily Mail that she has decided to leave the show for “family reasons,” citing the potential second wave of coronavirus in the UK.

Production was set to begin in just a few weeks, but will now be seeking a new face for the lead role of Cora.


Hulu dropped a clip of the reboot of the animated series “Animaniacs!” during New York Comic-Con.

The clip is a spoof of “Jurassic Park,” featuring animated versions of Sam Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant, Laura Dern’s Dr. Ellie Sattler, Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcolm and Steven Spielberg, who is executive producer of the series.

The reboot is set to hit Hulu on November 20.


The Wanted singer Tom Parker has been diagnosed with a grade four brain tumor.

Parker, along with his wife, took to Instagram to share his condition. They also sat down for a recent interview to give fans more insight into his diagnosis and plan of action.

The singer revealed he suffered two seizures this year, the second of which landed him in the hospital. He had an MRI scan and then received the diagnosis. While grade four tumors are the most aggressive, Parker said he didn’t get a “timeline of survival,” because he wants to keep an open mind and “fight this battle.”


HBO has ordered a scripted limited series focusing on the origins of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and his quest to find life on other planets.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the six-episode series, creatively titled “SpaceX” will follow Musk as he “attempts to make life multi-planetary.”

No word on when the series will air.


Brandy will take the stage at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

E! News confirmed that the singer has been added to the talented lineup for the awards show airing live this Wednesday.

Alicia Keys, Bad Bunny, Luke Combs and Post Malone are also set to take the stage at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.


Filming for “Days of Our Lives” has been shut down for the next two weeks after a production team member tested positive for COVID. The cast, crew and staff were notified of the temporary hiatus in an email from the production company.

The pause should not disrupt the show’s run on NBC.

Taping is slated to resume October 26.



Dan Quinn has been fired.

The Atlanta Falcons coach was given the boot Sunday night after the team’s 0-5 start.

Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff was also shown the door.


Day of the Year

Ada Lovelace Day
English Language Day
Good Samaritan Day
Headspace Day
International Plain Language Day
International Day for Disaster Reduction
International Day for Failure
International Face Your Fears Day
Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
International Suit Up Day
National M&M Day
National No Bra Day
National Train Your Brain Day
National Yorkshire Pudding Day
Own Business Day
Silly Sayings Day
The US Navy’s Birthday
Treat Yo’ Self Day


On This Date

1792 – The cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion is laid in Washington, D.C.

Unlike the foundation of the US Capitol, there was no formal ceremony. Slaves and indentured Europeans bore the bulk of the construction labor.

The whole project took just over 8 years and cost $2.8 million in today’s dollars.

Today, no one is certain where the cornerstone is.


1812 – WAR OF 1812 – An attempted invasion of Canada by American forces is halted by British and Indian troops.

Sir Isaac Brock commanded the Brits, and inflicted more than 1,000 casualties on the American regulars.

The victory halted any future attempts for Americans to push across the Canadian side of the Niagara River.


1845 – The Independent Republic of Texas approves a new constitution which, if accepted by Congress, would make Texas the 28th state.

Although the republic’s people had recently fought and won a war to gain independence from Mexico, they longed for American statehood.

That dream would come true in December, when President Polk signed legislation to annex Texas. A Mexican ambassador said the annexation would be considered an act of war and tried to flee the U.S.

The first shots of the Mexican-American War were fired April 25 the next year.


1946 – The people of France approve a new Constitution, laying the foundation for the Fourth Republic in the wake of World War II.

The new document gave executive power to a President of the Council, and left highly symbolic powers to the President of the Republic.

This government lasted until 1958 – with the foundation of the Fifth Republic.


1967 – The Oakland Oaks beat the Anaheim Amigos 134-129 in the first game of the American Basketball Association.

There were 11 teams in the league, which lasted until 1976. The ABA was known for ostentation much more so than the NBA: the regulation ball was red, white, and blue; cheerleaders wore bikinis (a little more risqué for the time); trash-talking and fights were regular occurrences, as in hockey games.

The shot clock was 30 seconds, and was the first to use the 3-point shot, which was eventually adopted by the NBA. Its All-Star game also introduced the first slam-dunk contest.

Julius Erving was one of several NBA stars who got their start in the ABA. In 1976, it merged with the NBA.


2010 – 33 miners buried in a collapsed gold and copper mine in Chile are rescued after spending more than 2 months underground.

A one-man capsule pulled men individually to the surface. The individual trip took 15 minutes. The entire rescue operation took just about 24 hours.

All of the men survived, though many needed immediate medical attention.



Caleb McLaughlin – TV actor, “Final Space”, “Stranger Things” – 19
Ashanti – R&B singer – 40
Paul Pierce – former basketball player – 43
Brian Dawkins – former NFL player – 47
Sacha Baron Cohen – movie actor, “The Dictator”, “Borat series” – 49
Tisha Campbell Martin – TV actress, “Martin”, “House Party” – 52
Kate Walsh – TV actress, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Umbrella Academy” – 53
Jerry Rice – former NFL player – 58
Jerry Jones – NFL owner, Dallas Cowboys – 78
Paul Simon – American musician – 79

Born On This Date

Kelly Preston – American actress, “Jerry Maguire”, “Twins” – 1962 (d. 2020)
Jack Colvin – American actor, “Incredible Hulk” – 1932 (d. 2005)
Margaret Thatcher – former Prime Minister of the UK – 1925 (d. 2013)
Cornel Wilde – Hungarian-American actor, “Sword of Lancelot” – 1912 (d. 1989)


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