Letter To The Editor: Grotesque Double Standard

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Grotesque Double Standard

The Seussian cartoon depiction of a Chinese man is too offensive, grotesque, racist and immoral for the left. That image needs to be stricken from the historical record. Any tolerators of such images need to be purged from polite society and silenced. However, the live action performance of lesbian sex acts between two black female entertainers is a beautiful expression of women’s empowerment, black solidarity and the new equitable cultural horizon our country needs. Even that very observation and assertion is “dangerous” these days. Why? Because I am a straight white male observing that what recently took place on national television between two black women is gross, but Dr. Seuss isn’t.

The arguments being made for such “transformational” cultural moments are large deposits of equine fecal matter delicately laid on sparkly platinum platters. Wait, they skipped the platters. These moments are flung about on national television couched within Hollywood sponsored awards shows. Hardly a platinum platter anymore. Also, there aren’t any delicate arguments being had. Anyone who raises objections or points out the failings of this current anti-culture trajectory are (or at least attempted to be) silenced, disappeared, erased from public discourse. Think Berri Weise, Don McNeil Jr., two people hardly in love with the previous four years of Trump.

Anti-culture. There is nothing enlightening, beautiful or virtuous within it. This third-wave feminist leftist Marxist woekism destroys culture. It is anti-culture. Thankfully many left leaning stalwarts are beginning to see the toxicity of this anti-culture. Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher have recently called-out the censorious nature of this anti-culture. Bill Burr is scathed for pointing out the obvious absurdity this anti-culture promotes. But it is in these smaller observations where I see a majorly problematic feature of this new American anti-culture, The Grotesque Double Standard.

This GDS emanates from everywhere. Take Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher for example. It wasn’t too long ago that Maher denounced Trump as racist for attaching the current Pandemic’s origins to China by saying, “China virus”. Or Silverman, who religiously picketed for Trump’s censure and cancelation because he was too violent, bad, and orange, but is now throwing up her hands at the farcical extent to which she must publicly flagellate for telling crass jokes about Paris Hilton. Hilton being a walking joke. This GDS is seen in the left’s present desire to devour Andrew Cuomo under a mountain of scanty sexual misconduct claims but whitewash the more substantial claims of Tara Reid against President Biden, not to mention Biden’s far more disturbing public displays of questionable touching and sniffing of young girls. GDS is noticed in Pelosi and Schumer’s unofficial motto, “Walls for me but not for thee,” which has now led them to wrap capitol hill in military personal, barb wire, and chain-link while the U.S. DHS has abandoned the southern barrier initiative and now closes the Southern American border due to all the criminal crossings. How does this make sense? The GDS is clear. America cannot sustain this new Grotesque Double Standard.

We are a nation of one Creed, not two. One account, not many. One standard. It’s the standard of our founders and their true liberal ideal for national and state civic life. It is true, America has not always lived up to her ideals. Atrocities mar our history, but not our Credo. It isn’t time to tear down and re-write something that isn’t broken. It is a time to revisit the sources of the unique American ideal of federal and local civic life and reengage in a local civic discourse. In short, we can put an end to this present GDS if we look eye-to-eye with those we have out differences with, see their faces, and discuss our differences together rather than credit the other as villain yourself the justified righteous, but your running away pulling the trigger of your moral outrage as its pointed over your shoulder.

Rev. Samuel G. Beltz

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