De Boef brings conservative values to office

Betty De Boef incumbent for Iowa House 76

I had an opportunity to speak with State Representative Betty De Boef (R) recently by phone on the issues that have been in the forefront of the current election cycle.

She is the incumbent Iowa House District 76 squaring off against Nathan Clubb (D) in the November election.

I was curious why Betty thought she was qualified to be the representative for District 76. She has the confidence in her ability because of the rural farm girl she is, having lived on a farm all her life. She believe’s that small town Iowa is the best, it’s what makes us great.

We got right down to the difficult questions facing all of us. I wanted to know her thoughts on Cap and Trade. She was quick to respond saying, “It’s just wrong, it’s a huge tax on our economy and if we want to keep our jobs here in the United States versus sending them off to India and China, we need to provide a favorable environment for jobs and business to succeed here.”

I moved on to the health care debate, I wanted to know if she thought the bill should be repealed. “Yes, I’m very opposed to the health care reform act that was passed by the US Congress” Betty responded. She went on to say that she would like to see Iowa join the lawsuit that says No, it’s unconstitutional to force Iowan’s to buy a certain product, which this bill does.

As with all candidates I have spoken with, I was curious about Her thought on Iowan’s being able to vote on gay marriage. “Absolutely, we are a country of the people, by the people, for the people as our President Lincoln so eloquently stated, and this is something that Iowan’s should have a right to vote on. She continued on saying,“I believe the judges were out of line. 7 people should not be determining this for the whole state, when the legislature overwhelmingly approved it. The legislatures are the elected members and they represent Iowan’s.”

Unemployment being at all time highs, I wondered how she would intend to help in the creation of more jobs. “Iowa needs to make policies that are business friendly. Business are what create jobs, people that run business provide jobs for people, and it’s very important that we protect the right to work law in Iowa.” “We need to send the message that Iowa is open for business and we want to have jobs here, we want business to come here and succeed here and employ our people. We need to have tax policy that is friendly to business, we need to have regulation policy that is friendly to business.”

Iowan’s are concerned about budgets.I wanted to know Betty’s thoughts about Iowa’s budget, borrowing and will we be able to recover later. She responded “I was opposed to the I-Jobs program, I do not believe that it’s wise for us to be putting our state more in debt. We have got to deal with it now. We have got to address this huge budget issue we have now that the majority have created. We are almost a billion dollars in the res on the next years budget, and it’s going to be a huge challenge for whoever is in control. But borrowing money is not the way you fix the problem, and increasing taxes is not fixing the problem. We have to find ways to make government more efficient so that people want to live here and succeed here”

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