Reagan Dinner Speaker Rick Santorum Has Strong Words On Iran

Fmr. Senator Rick Santorum mingles among the crowd of GOP Dinner attendees on Friday night

Des Moines, Iowa – Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum was the fourth speaker at the Reagan Dinner held at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines Friday night.

Santorum has spent a large amount of his campaign time in the State of Iowa since announcing his run for the Presidency. “It is great I would say to be back in Iowa, but I’ve been here a little while. This is my 8th straight day in the State of Iowa and I am proud to announce that I did a Grassley. I’ve been to all 99 counties in the State of Iowa and I tell you I had a wonderful time doing it.”

Santorum continued.”And they [Iowans] understand that we cannot have limited government without strong families, we cannot have a strong economy without strong families and strong moral commitments of the people who live and work in that economy. They [Iowans] understand that the foundation of our country is in fact a moral enterprise. One that has created the strongest country in the world,” Santorum said on what he has learned from Iowans as he traveled and listened to voters in the state.

“Everybody else has put up an economic plan, I’ve put up an economic plan but no one’s put up a plan to strengthen the American family, to make sure we have strong marriages in our county, that we defend the institution of marriage. No one has put up a plan to make sure that we have religious liberty in this country and that faith continues to be the bedrock of this country. No one has put up a plan of what we’re going to do to make sure that life is considered sacred from the moment of conception until natural death.” Santorum said as he explained about his announcement on Friday about a Faith, Freedom and Family agenda in Des Moines. Santorum says he put together a 20 point plan stating that people need to understand that Republicans are not just a party about cutting tax rates, “but we are a party that is concerned about all Americans”.

Santorum was a recent candidate speaker at the Manufacturing Summit held at Vermeer Manufacturing in Pella, Iowa. “It focused on something that’s really important, and again I learned this in talking around rural Iowa. All of these little towns in rural Iowa were either created because there was a processing or manufacturing plant there. Rural America will not do well, will not come back into it’s vibrant self and be a place of choice to live unless we have a vibrant economy there and we won’t unless we bring manufacturing and processing jobs back to America.”

Santorum also spoke on the Iran Nuclear Situation. “Something very big is going to happen next week. It could fundamentally change this world and that’s the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency about what Iran’s nuclear situation is. I spent 10 years focused like a laser beam when I was in the Senate on the country of Iran. I introduce the biggest restriction and sanctions on the Iranian nuclear program 8 years ago. It was unanimously opposed even by President Bush, I got no co-sponsors. Within 2 years after people saw what Iran was doing in Iraq and Afghanistan and they saw their nuclear program was being regenerated, it passed unanimously and was signed by the President.”

Santorum continued. “I have been traveling around this country talking about the threat that Iran is to the future of our country and to the stability of the middle-east and of course to the nation of Israel. If Iran is in fact found to be close, the world as you know it will have changed and we will have to do something. We will have to do something to stop that production because an Iranian state that is fixated on the return of the 12th Imam and dominating the Islamic world cannot under any circumstances have a nuclear weapon,”



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