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Georgia’s Kitchen: Canning

Georgia Diehm

A few weeks ago I started sharing recipes for canning garden produce. I will continue with a couple more this week. Grandmother’s catsup 1 peck tomatoes(about) 2 cups sharp vinegar 6 Tbsp. salt 4 Tbsp. allspice 2 Tbsp. mustard 1 Tbsp.powdered cloves 1 tsp. black pepper 1/4 tsp. red pepper Cook and rub tomatoes through […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Garden Favorites

Georgia Diehm

It’s been nice to be able to have a garden again this year. I enjoy watching things grow. And of course, we also enjoy the fresh produce just-for-the-picking in our backyard. Now it’s time to think about putting away some of our garden surplus for the winter months that lie ahead. Sometimes it’s hard to […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Eggs

Georgia Diehm

“What can I do with all of these eggs?” That may have been a question on the minds of many housewives in Early America and during the Great Depression of the 1930”s. During those years most people had chickens running freely in their yards. Besides keeping the bug population under control, the chickens created a […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Desserts

Georgia Diehm

Folks, it has been a very long and cold winter. Everybody I’ve talked to can’t wait to get outside to enjoy their yard, deck & to soak in that warm sunshine. Here are some recipes for desserts. I’ll start out with a recipe using rhubarb(pie plant)-a favorite of many people and one of the first […]

Georgia’s Kitchen:‏ Cake

Georgia Diehm

Here are some cake recipes that you won’t find in any modern cookbook. For those who like the adventure of trying “something new” these might interest you. I’ve not made them myself, but then I might try at least one of them. My goal is to present these recipes as “relics of the past”. I […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Stretching Your Food Dollar

Georgia Diehm

Meat prices are going up because of the drought of 2012, which is expected to continue into 2013. Because of that, many people are seeing the need to stretch their food dollars. One way that may help is to serve more casseroles. Cheese and beans as protein substitutes are a good choice. Housewives from years […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Bread

Georgia Diehm

Keota, Iowa – For those who love the taste of home-made bread,and who doesn’t, I have some interesting recipes from Georgia’s (Mom’s) files. Imagine baking your bread on an old wood cook-stove as many of the pioneer house wives did. I have heard that food that is cooked that way has a taste that can’t […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Potatoes

Georgia Diehm

Hi everybody! I hope you had a safe & happy Thanksgiving day. Every day should be a day to give thanks to our Heavenly Father who showers us with so many blessings, for which I am very grateful. Today I will show you some interesting ways to cook the lowly potato. It is a vegetable […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Sausage

Georgia Diehm sm

Keota, Iowa – Some people, for various reasons, like to make their own sausage. There are many kinds to choose from and many ways to make it. The recipes I present today came from Mom except for the “Salami” recipe, which I have had for years. I include it because I have liked it and […]

Georgia’s Kitchen: Grapes

Georgia Diehm

What a hot, dry summer we have had! Much of my garden vegetables did not fare too well, but my concord grapes thrived! I heard somewhere that grapes love hot, dry weather. Anyway the vines were loaded with clusters of beautiful purple grapes. Needless to say, I have been canning grapes. I looked to see […]

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