Nolie’s Nook – A Lot Has Been On My Mind

Nolanne Rust

by Nolanne Rust

It’s been a couple weeks since you’ve heard from me.

Truth is, a lot has been on my mind with little insight as to how I wanted to say it. I had full intention on doing an article about disrespect and our youth after a situation that left a negative impression in my mind. But, like happens many times, I was stopped from writing or speaking about the negative I saw. You can call it what you want, but for me, I acknowledge it as God working through different people or events that get me where I need to be. And that is giving positive reports.

One of the things that stopped me was a much too similar article from another columnist the day I was going to submit mine. Hold up, we can’t post sister stories from brother stations and not get more negativity. So there it was, me realizing that I am not submitting a story that I had full intentions of publishing.

But, fact of the matter is, I still couldn’t get the topic out of my mind. I am writing the same story. But I’m not writing it for the same reasons.

Instead of highlighting some negative choices I had seen, I want to point out some extremely positive behaviors from our youth I saw at our County Fair. Because we as adults and parents, are a bigger role in our youth’s attitudes- and wether they are positive or negative- than we sometimes realize. And I really want to praise that positive and reinforce the kind I saw, I only wish I knew names so I could really give them full credit.

So thank you:

To the teenage boy eager to bounce in the inflatables with his friends. Who not only made sure my toddler was out first, but offered to get him for me. And also gushed about how cute he is before heading in. I am raising boys, and I wish I would have told him how much he filled my heart to see such kindness from a boy his age.

To the fairgoers, including so many teenagers, who weren’t there for the races but who all stopped silent in their tracks, removed their hats, and stood respectfully as the National Anthem was sang through the speakers.

To the fair queen, who not only held up her commitment to attend the fair each day and participate in different contests but gave each of the children their ribbons and posed for endless pictures with kids who viewed her as someone much bigger than an Oskaloosa girl wearing a crown. For them, that crown symbolizes so much more. And she gave them a person to look up to that reflects and encourages those dreams- not just as a Queen with a crown, but with a smile, a hug, respect, and grace given freely.

To the ones handing out free popsicles on the hottest of days. That was appreciated more than you know… and probably more than you were told.

To the youth involved in showing animals, creating items to enter, and volunteering their time to help. All those who have showed my kids what dedication and commitment to animals, people, and projects means.

There is so much positive in our world. There is so much greatness in our youth. I am so thankful I received my “slap in the face” that was needed this week to see where my focus should be.

Choose kind, spread love, support positive influence.

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