Murty, Griffiths, Flander and VanDusen Top Points After Night One of Shootout

Southern Iowa Speedway Racing Action.

Southern Iowa Speedway Racing Action.

by Jeremy Fox

Oskaloosa, Iowa (July 5th, 2016) – Tuesday Night was the first of two nights of the 21st Annual Budweiser and Musco Lighting IMCA Stock Car Shootout at the Southern Iowa Speedway. Stock Cars, SportMods, Hobby Stocks and Sport Compacts each ran two sets of heats earning points with the lowest score the best meaning two first place finishes in heats would be the best.

Iowa Sportsman Series ran an eight lap heat race and 30 lap feature as part of Tuesday Nights Program.

In the IMCA Stock Cars, Damon Murty and Jeff Mueller won round one heats, Kyle Brown and Johnny Spaw won round two heats. Top eight after Tuesday heats will run a dash on Wednesday to determine where they will start in the feature and they were Murty, Brown, Spaw, Mike Hughes, David Brandies, Jeff Mueller, Jason See and Derrick Agee.

Dustin Griffiths won both rounds of heat races in the IMCA Hobby Stocks so that put him as the top point getter with August Bach, Travis Bunnell, Matt Messamaker, Danny Thrasher, Bill Bonnett, PJ Veenstra and Ron Downing Jr rounding out the top eight.

Colton Livezey and Austin Paul won round one heats in the IMCA SportMods and Eric Flander and Matthew VanGelder won round two heats. Top eight in points after the heats was Flander, Tim Plummer, Dan Drury, Livezey, VanGelder, Carter VanDenBerg, Curtis VanDerWal and Danny Brau.

Levi Heath won the IMCA Sport Compacts round one heat and Cody VanDusen won round two heat. VanDusen also was the top point getter with Heath, John Gill, Bill Whalen, John Whalen, Evans, Shawn Slaughter and Jason Breuklander finishing second through eighth.

Only Division running a feature on Tuesday Night was the Iowa Sportsman Series and it looked as if Kris Walker was going to be the guy to beat as he won the eight lap heat race but Walker experience over heating issues as the race took the green. Tyler Sutter started tenth but by the end of lap one, Sutter was in the number one spot. Sutter cruised on to the win despite a caution around the midway point. Gene Tish finished second ahead of Cole Jackson, the son of legendary Stock Car driver Steve Jackson. Travis Dawson and Andy Kline rounded out the top five.

Back at it on Wednesday Night with Night two of the 21st Annual Budweiser and Musco Lighting IMCA Stock Car Shootout. Top eight from Tuesday Night will run a dash to determine where they will start in the feature. Heats and b-features for all other cars and any new competitors in the Stock Cars, SportMods, Hobby Stocks and Sport Compacts. The Musco Lighting IMCA Modifieds will also be on the card to run a complete show. Hot Laps at 7pm and Racing at 7:30pm both nights of the Shootout.

Reminder no racing action next week as the speedway prepares for the Southern Iowa Fair coming up July 18th through 24th. Tuesday July 19th, The USMTS Modifieds along with the IronMan Challenge Series for USRA Stock Cars and USRA B-Mods compete. Then on Wednesday July 20th, the Hawkeye Dirt Tour for IMCA Modifieds take to the half mile along with the IMCA Weekly Racing Series for Stock Cars, SportMods, Hobby Stocks and Sport Compacts. Hot Laps at 7pm and Racing at 7:30pm both nights.

Southern Iowa Speedway
21st Annual Budweiser / Musco Lighting Stock Car Shootout Night 1 of 2
July 5th, 2016

IMCA Stock Cars

Round 1 Heats
Heat 1 – 1. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea); 2. 99K Kyle Brown (State Center); 3. 71B David Brandies (Wilton); 4. 00 Johnny Spaw (Cedar Rapids); 5. 25 Cody Agee (Huntsville, MO); 6. 3D Daniel Gordon (Oskaloosa); 7. 08S Rod Staats (Columbus Junction); 8. 17C Shane Paris (Muscatine); DQ 23 Adam Bell (Kalona)
Heat 2 – 1. 77M Jeff Mueller (New London); 2. 11 Mike Hughes (Oskaloosa); 3. 71 Louis Lynch (Glenwood, MO); 4. 14 Derrick Agee (Moberly, MO); 5. 79S Jason See (Albia); 6. 7 Kris Walker (Oskaloosa); 7. 52 Nathan Wood (Sigourney); 8. 05 John Oliver Jr (Danville); 9. 19 Donnie Pearson (Oskaloosa)

Round 2 Heats
Heat 1 – 1. Brown; 2. Murty; 3. Hughes; 4. Oliver; 5. Derrick Agee; 6. Mueller; 7. Wood; 8. Lynch; 9. Walker
Heat 2- 1. Spaw; 2. Brandies; 3. See; 4. Pearson; 5. Gordon; 6. Staats; 7. Cody Agee; 8. Paris; 9. Bell

Top 8 In Points after Tuesday’s Heats : Murty, Brown, Spaw, Hughes, Brandies, Mueller, See, Derrick Agee

IMCA SportMods

Round 1 Heats
Heat 1 – 1. 29 Colton Livezey (New Sharon); 2. 66 Tim Plummer (Norway); 3. 1V Curtis VanDerWal (Oskaloosa); 4. 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma); 5. 01 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa); 6. 16 Matthew VanGelder (Pella); 7. 55R Steven Berry (Ottumwa); 8. 11 Ethan Braaksma (Newton)
Heat 2 – 1. A5 Austin Paul (Monroe); 2. 21D Dan Drury (Eldora); 3. 12 Eric Flander (Pella); 4. 20 Danny Brau (Brooklyn); 5. 7 Carter VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa); 6. 26 Scott Brau (Brooklyn); 7. 8T Tony Johnson (Oskaloosa); 8. 7G Dennis Gates (Claypool, AZ)

Round 2 Heats
Heat 1 – 1. Flander; 2. Plummer; 3. Scott Brau; 4. Carter; 5. Lowry; 6. Livezey; 7. Braaksma; 8. Berry
Heat 2- 1. VanGelder; 2. Drury; 3. VanDenBerg; 4. Danny Brau; 5. VanDerWal; 6. Gates; 7. Johnson; 8. Paul

Top 8 In Points after Tuesday’s Heats : Flander, Plummer, Drury, Livezey, VanGelder, VanDenBerg, VanDerWal, Danny Brau

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Round 1 Heats
Heat – 1.10G Dustin Griffiths (Hedrick); 2. 19X August Bach (Newton); 3. 84 Danny Thrasher (Agency); 4. 19 Bill Bonnett (Knoxville); 5. 3 Travis Bunnell (Hedrick); 6. 33M Matt Messamaker (Mystic); 7. 32TX PJ Veenstra (Oskaloosa); 8. 14 Christian Huffman (New Sharon); 9. 32T Bobby Greene (Tracy); 10. 77 Derek Hodges (Des Moines); 11. 7 Kirk Puttmann (Keota); 12. 5B Dane Blozovich (Centerville); 13. 7K Kelsie Spilman (Hedrick); 14. 53D Ron Downing Jr (Ottumwa)

Round 2 Heats
Heat – 1. Griffiths; 2. Bach; 3. Bunnell; 4. Messamaker; 5. Downing; 6. Veenstra; 7. Bonnett; 8. Thrasher; 9. Spilman; 10. Greene; 11. Blozovich; 12. Puttmann; 13. Hodges; 14. Huffman

Top 8 In Points after Tuesday’s Heats : Griffiths, Bach, Bunnell, Messamaker, Thrasher, Bonnett, Veenstra, Downing

IMCA Sport Compacts

Round 1 Heats
Heat – 1. 9H Levi Heath (Wilton); 2. 53 Cody VanDusen (Atalissa); 3. 02 John Gill (Marshalltown); 4. 00 Shawn Slaughter (Iowa City); 5. 00W Bill Whalen Jr (Riverside); 6. 92E Shane Evans (Iowa City); 7. 77 John Whalen (Ainsworth); 8. 88C Daniel Campbell (Muscatine); 9. 41 Nathan Moody (Oskaloosa); 10. 23B Jason Breuklander (Oskaloosa); 11. 86R James Roose (Grandview)

Round 2 Heats
Heat – 1. VanDusen; 2. Bill Whalen; 3. Gill; 4. Heath; 5. John Whalen; 6. Breuklander; 7. Roose; 8. Evans; 9. Moody; 10. Slaughter; 11. Campbell

Top 8 In Points after Tuesday’s Heats : VanDusen, Heath, Gill, Bill Whalen, John Whalen, Evans, Slaughter, Breuklander

Iowa Sportsman Series

Feature – 1. 91 Tyler Sutter; 2. 54 Gene Tish; 3. 2J Cole Jackson; 4. 77 Travis Dawson; 5. 88 Andy Kline; 6. 77K Clair Kuntz; 7. 10S Derrick Seddon; 8. 13X Wayne Webert; 9. 71S Dave Seddon; 10. 20 Bruce Kline; 11. 47 Darin Dezwarte; 12. 7 Kris Walker

Heat – 1. Walker; 2. Jackson; 3. Dezwarte; 4. Sutter; 5. Tish; 6. Kline; 7. Dawson; 8. Kline; 9. Dave Seddon; 10. Webert; 11. Derrick Seddon; 12. Kuntz

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