Eddyville Completes Saturday Races Despite Threat Of Rain

Denis Currier from Leighton claimed his 1st win of the season in the Sportsman class. Photo by Jan Bain

Denis Currier from Leighton claimed his 1st win of the season in the Sportsman class. Photo by Jan Bain

by Denis Currier

Racing at Eddyville Raceway Park was able to be held Saturday despite the threat of rain. Due to the threat races was started early.

In the Jr. Dragster novice class Caleb VanSant from Pella faced off against Matthew German from Lynnville. German with the slower dial-in left 1st with VanSant having a 4.25 second wait before he could leave the line and start chasing down German. At the finish line German ran closer to his dial-in but a .004 reaction time was enough for VanSant to claim the win.

In the Novice consi class Brooke Baarda from Sully went against Tyler Livingston from Des Moines. Livingston ran right on his dial-in and Baarda broke out at the finish line but it didn’t matter as Livingston had already red-lighted giving the win to Baarda.

Dakota Allison from Des Moines won the Jr. Dragster class over Sean Flanery from Adel with a better reaction time and Chase VanSant from Pella won the Jr. Dragster Consi class over Wayne Briggs III from Danville.

In the Jr. Allstar Run-off is was brother vs brother as Celeb VanSant faced off against older brother Chase. The race was over on the starting line as Chase left the starting line by .007 to soon and tripped the red light giving the win and bragging right to Celeb.

In the Sportsman class Denis Currier from Leighton in his 1st race of the season went against Kole Vogel from Leon. Both drivers dialed 7.50 making it a heads up race. Currier had a .016 light and ran .016 off his dial-in but wasn’t needed as Vogel left to soon by just .003 and tripped the red-light giving Currier his 1st win of the season.

In the Pro class Derek Hiatt from Des Moines went against Bill Gissible from Carlisle. Hiatt got the win as Gissible tripped the red-light.
Super Pro had Al Enderson from Cedar Falls going against John Day from Waterloo. Day ran right on his dial-in but a .0007 red-light gives the win to Enderson.

This weekend will be a busy time at Eddyville Raceway Park as 3 days of racing is planned. High School and Test-N-Tune will be held on Friday. Then Saturday will be a early start with gates opening at Noon and time trials starting at 2pm. The Jr. Dragster Hawkeye Nations will be held, NHRA King of the Track for Sportsman, Pro and Super Pro classes, Street Bike series, Make up for the NHRA Div 5 Super Quick series. Sunday gates will open at 8am and time trials starting at 9:30am. With a gambler race, Jr. Dragster index racing, Street bike classes and the NHRA Div 5 Super Quick race.

Jr. Dragster Novice
Winner: Caleb VanSant, Pella, 9.00 dial-in, 9.179 elapsed time, 71.32 mph, .004 reaction time.
Runner-up: Matthew German, Lynnville, 13.25 dial-in, 13.289 elapsed time, 46.99 mph, .346 elapsed time.
Semi-finalists: Brooke Baarda, Sully, 12.90 dial-in, 12.848 elapsed time, 50.91mph, .220 reaction time; Tyler Livingston, Des Moines, 8.96 dial-in, 8.996 elapsed time, 72.62 mph, -.307 reaction time.

Jr. Dragster Advance
Winner: Dakota Allison, Des Moines, 7.90 dial-in, 7.936 elapsed time, 77.52 mph, .059 reaction time.
Runner-up: Sean Flanery, Adel, 9.33 dial-in, 9.362 elapsed time, 69,29 mph, .129 reaction time.
Semi-finalist: Elizabeth Hatfield, Norwalk, 8.01 dial-in, 8.029 elapsed time, 80.17 mph, .096 reaction time.

Jr. Dragster Novice Consi
Winner: Brooke Baarda, Sully, 12.90 dial-in, 12.654 elapsed time, 53.72 mph, .078 reaction time.
Runner-up: Tyler Livingston, Des Moines, 8.97 dial-in, 8.979 elapsed time, 72.64 mph, -.192 reaction time,

Jr. Dragster Advance Consi
Winner: Chase VanSant, Pella, 7.90 dial-in, 7.982 elapsed time, 75.25 mph, .048 reaction time.
Runner-up: Wayne Briggs III, Danville, 7.95 dial-in, 8.039 elapsed time, 80.70 mph, .078 reaction time.
Semi-finalist: Paige Teel, Quincy, Il., 8.90 dial-in, 8.948 elapsed time, 72.13 mph, -.088 reaction time.

Jr. Dragster Allstar Run-Off
Winner: Caleb VanSant, Pella, 9.02 dial-in, 9.0673 elapsed time, 71.62 mph, .079 reaction time.
Runner-up: Chase VanSant, Pella, 7.90 dial-in, 7.892 elapsed time, 82.69 mph, -.007 reaction time.

Winner: Denis Currier, Leighton, 7.50 dial-in, 7.516 elapsed time, 89.73 mph, .016 reaction time.
Runner-up: Kole Vogel, Leon, 7.50 dial-in, 7.417 elapsed time, 90.34 mph, -.003 reaction time.
Semi-finalist: Andy Decker, Corydon, 7.51 dial-in, 7.513 elapsed time, 90.16 mph, -.092 reaction time.

Winner: Derek Hiatt, Des Moines, 6.68 dial-in, 6.706 elapsed time, 101.60 mph, .022 reaction time.
Runner-up: Bill Gissible, Carlisle, 6.15 dial-in, 6.192 elapsed time, 110.78 mph, -.138 reaction time.
Semi-finalist: Steve Decker, Ames, 6.43 dial-in, 6.448 elapsed time, 106.76 mph, -.006 reaction time.

Super Pro
Winner: Al Enderson, Cedar Falls, 5.49 dial-in, 5.525 elapsed time, 123.80 mph, .017 reaction time.
Runner-up: John Day, Waterloo, 4.86 dial-in, 4.860 elapsed time, 140.89 mph, -.007 reaction time.
Semi-finalist: Rob Hatfield, Norwalk, 6.57 dial-in, 6.589 elapsed time, 104.72 mph, .020 reaction time.



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