Bullock Stops In Oskaloosa With Eye On The White House

Montana Governor Steve Bullock is running for President as a Democrat. He made a campaign stop in Oskaloosa on Friday, July 19, 2019.

Oskaloosa, Iowa – Steve Bullock is the Democratic governor of Montana and is running for President. He stopped by Smokey Row Coffee in Oskaloosa on Friday to introduce himself and talk about the issues important to him.

Approximately 30 people filed into the back room at the coffee shop, interested in meeting the Democrat governor from a Republican state.

Bullock went through the customary candidate connections his family may have to Iowa. “It’s not why we’re here; we’re here for the sake of our country, for the sake of our country’s standing in the world, and the sake of what we’re going to pass on to that next generation.”

“We’re here to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term president,” said Bullock.

Bullock took a shot at the President saying his behavior isn’t becoming of a president. “We’ve seen it time and time again.”

“It’s now to the point we expect more out of our preschoolers than we do the President of the United States,” said Bullock of President Trump.

“We are more divided today than any other time in my lifetime,” Bullock said of society in America. “Forget about cable news. Forget about Twitter. We can’t even have conversations at times around Thanksgiving dinners, or the coffee shop without politics divided us.”

Bullock said that Americans are working hard and making less and that 60 percent of Americans haven’t had a pay raise for some time. He also stated that rural counties are losing businesses during this last decade. “You shouldn’t have to leave your home, or your church, just to have a decent living.”

You can watch his entire speech in the video included with this article.

After speaking with members of the public, Bullock held a presser with reporters, fielding questions from reporters.

Oskaloosa News asked Bullock how he can make himself stand out in such a crowded field. “I’m the only one in this entire field that won in a Trump state. If we can’t win back some of the places we lost, we’re not going to win this election.”

“Even in this divided time, I’ve been able to bring folks together to get meaningful things done for people’s lives,” added Bullock.

Bullock was recognized by Mahaska County Democratic Chair Eric Palmer, and Bullock referenced his battle against “Dark Money” and says if it’s not addressed, “we’re not going to address everything else.”

Bullock believes he brings a perspective outside of Washington D.C., “off of the coasts. As a governor, your view is different.”

Oskaloosa News asked Bullock how to bring the Democratic Party back together with the recent infighting that has recently erupted.

“I think one thing that will unify us all by the end is making sure Donald Trump can’t get reelected,” Bullock explained, saying there are 200 days before any voter expresses their preference in this race. “Bill Clinton didn’t even get into this until October. So the tremendous energy is there, lets actually make sure we’re talking about those things that we agree on as we get closer to the election.”

On defeating Donald Trump in areas like Iowa where he dominated, Bullock says Democrats need to hear the voters and make a connection to the issues voters have.

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