Klobuchar Stumps In Oskaloosa

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar stopped by Oskaloosa on Tuesday and spoke before a crowd of approximately 75 people at Smokey Row Coffee.

Oskaloosa, Iowa – Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar stopped in Oskaloosa on Tuesday to talk about her ideas she believes will get her elected as President in 2020. Approximately 75 people were there to hear more about her.

Klobuchar is on the bubble for making the fall debate and was encouraging those in attendance to buy campaign gear or to donate to her campaign to help boost her chances of making the stage later on. She needs 130,000 unique donors to qualify. “We’re going to make the debates. We’re going to grassroots organize in the best way possible.”

Klobuchar says that she is someone who routinely bridges the “rural-urban divide. I don’t see it as a divide; I see it as a bridge.”

Klobuchar took aim at President Trump during her speech, and specifically his Tweets. “I personally think you’ve got to use some humor when it comes to this guy because he uses humor, even if you don’t think it’s funny.”

Klobuchar was referencing a spar between the President and the Senator over hair in a snowstorm.

Klobuchar said the other part of dealing with Trump is to ignore him. “You don’t always have to respond to everything he says.”

Klobuchar says that being straight with people, “and telling them the truth and not making a bunch of promises we can’t keep, but making some big bold plans for this country that we can go ahead with.”

Klobuchar says her background starts with her grandfather, who was an iron ore miner who “worked 1500 underground”, who then lead the family at a young age after his parents died, raising his younger brothers and sisters.

Klobuchar was the first in the family to then graduate high school and went to a 2-year college with money her grandfather had tucked away in a coffee can.

Klobuchar’s mother grew up in Milwaukee and had the desire to become a teacher, moving to Minnesota to help make that happen. She then taught second grade until she was 70-years-old.

Some of those plans Klobuchar proposed on Tuesday include discussion on the economy, where she says that the economy turned around from the Great Recession because of the hard work of labor and farmers and businesses.

Klobuchar believes that Trump isn’t looking forward at the challenges for the country but is instead gloating about past success.

Doubling the size of Pell Grants and rolling back what she calls “bad policies” could help everyday people get to college to “get ahead in this country.”

“Shared property” would also come from bringing up the corporate tax rate. Klobuchar says that every point of the corporate tax rate is worth 100 billion dollars every year.

A public option is important for Klobuchar to build upon the Affordable Care Act. “That’s something President Obama wanted to do from the very beginning.”

Klobuchar took aim at pharmaceutical prices, saying that Medicare negotiation would help drive down medicine prices. “We need to unleash the bargaining power of 43 million seniors.”

Klobuchar also said that allowing drugs from Canada could be a potential to help drive down drug prices. She says that she could issue an order, if elected, to immediately allow those drugs into the United States.

Climate change is another issue that Klobuchar spoke about. She says this isn’t just “the coasts anymore. It’s right in the middle of the heartland with the tornados we’re seeing, the raging wildfires in places like Colorado and Arizona, and the floods we’ve seen in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri just this year.”

Klobuchar says that on day one, she would sign the United States back into the international climate change agreement.

Another point Klobuchar made was antitrust, calling it a huge issue, “monopoly power” it limits competition, and hurts capitalism and hurts prices.

In ending her stump speech, Klobuchar said there were three things she wanted people to remember about her.

The first is that “I listen to people and I get things done,” said Klobuchar.

The second point she made was that “I’ve won every race, every place, I’ve ran, I have won in every single congressional district. I have won in a bunch of counties that Donald Trump won by over 20 points. I have done that because I go and meet people where they are. Not just where it’s comfortable, but where it’s uncomfortable.”

The third thing Klobuchar pointed out is that she’s not making all the promises others are making. “But I can promise you this: I’m going to have your back. I’m going to get the things done that we need to get done to get this country back on track. And the biggest promise is that I will govern with integrity.”

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