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Mahaska Health Partnership Shares Common Teen Foot Ailments

MAHASKA COUNTY – As a teenager, changes in your body occur from head to toe. MHP Podiatrist Mark Beers, DPM, explains common foot conditions in teens and how to treat them. According to Dr. Beers, teens often battle fungus on their feet. “It’s common for teens, especially athletes who spend a lot of time in […]

MHP Massage Therapist Esther Rose Trained in New Massage Techniques

MAHASKA COUNTY – Mahaska Health Partnership’s newest Massage Therapist, Esther Rose, recently received training in Himalayan salt stone massage and headache relief techniques. For those looking for a hot stone massage, Himalayan salt stones are a great option. “These stones are used during the massage to help release negative ions into the air when heated,” […]

Mahaska Health Partnership Encourages Health Maintenance Screenings

MAHASKA COUNTY – When it comes to a healthcare provider, most people only consider a visit when they are sick or injured. Family Practice Physician Eric Miller, DO, explains why regular visits to your primary care provider are essential to overall health. When it comes to your health, check-ups are just as important in preventing […]

Mahaska Health Partnership Encourages Household Safety for Children

MAHASKA COUNTY – As a parent, you want to protect your children from any chances of being hurt. Mahaska Health Partnership Pediatrician Dr. John O’Brien, MD, explains ways you can help minimize their risk within your home. When it comes to baby-proofing, most parents think about outlets and baby gates. “There are multiple household hazards […]

Mahaska Health Partnership Offering Free Screening for Colorectal Cancer

MAHASKA COUNTY – In recognition of National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Mahaska Health Partnership is offering free colorectal cancer screening kits throughout the month of March. According to the American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer starts in the mucosa of the colon or rectum. Most colorectal cancers grow slowly over several years and usually begin to […]

Mahaska Health Partnership Explains Carbohydrates

MAHASKA COUNTY – It seems like every time you turn on the TV or read an article, there is something new to avoid in your diet because it’s “bad.” One item that has gotten a bad reputation is carbohydrates. MHP Registered Dietitian Lea Rice explains why carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet. […]

Red Hats for Newborns at Mahaska Health Partnership in February

MAHASKA COUNTY – In conjunction with the American Heart Association, Mahaska Health Partnership is giving babies born in February red knitted hats. The hats serve as a reminder for parents regarding the importance of heart health and newborn heart screenings. As part of the Little Hats, Big Hearts campaign, the American Heart Association donated knitted […]

Born For Challenges: Article 3 – Bethesda House

Born For Challenges: Article 3 – Bethesda House God has been talking to me lately about the Pool of Bethesda. It is a very interesting portion of Scripture actually… John 5:1-15: Afterward Jesus returned to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish holy days.Inside the city, near the Sheep Gate, was the pool of Bethesda, with […]

Mahaska Health Partnership Offers Recommendations on Total Hip and Knee Replacements

MAHASKA COUNTY – As we age, a common symptom is joint pain and stiffness. MHP Orthopaedic Surgeon Sreedhar Somisetty, MD, explains how to treat this discomfort and when to consider joint replacement surgery. When it comes to joint surgery, many factors play a role. “I am often asked when the right time is for hip […]

Mahaska Health Partnership to Host FREE Cholesterol Class March 7

MAHASKA COUNTY – Are you struggling with high cholesterol or worried about a family history? This is the class for you! Mahaska Health Partnership is offering a free Introduction to Cholesterol class on March 7. According to MHP Cardiac Rehab Nurse Renee Edgar, this class is for anyone interested in learning about the basics of […]


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